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Samsung N130 Netbook Review



Battery Life is very important when it comes to mobile devices. The longer you can be away from a plug, the more productive you can be or the longer the movie time you can enjoy, before having to recharge. To test the battery life, I fully charged each unit and went about my daily time playing on the internet, watching internet video, chatting, and more - which is basically what a netbook is designed for. I timed how long it took until the computer went into hibernation as battery power ran out. The SSD of the HP Mini gave a bit of a lead to it over the N130, however, the gap is small, considering the N130 is running a 5400RPM hard drive, which takes more power usage.














Higher is better



There are always extras when associated with computers, both off the shelf and what you can add to make them run faster. The Samsung N130 comes with several bits of software pre-loaded to help you out. Some work well and others needed to be removed from the start. The first thing I noticed and removed was the McAfee Anti Virus that was pre-loaded. It was so bad that I could barely run the netbook with it installed. Once it was removed, the N130 was faster and more responsive. I replaced MacAfee with Avast Free Edition and, to date, have not had any performance hits from it. Some of the other utilities that are included with the netbook are shown below.

Easy Utilities:

The Samsung computers that I have owned always have a set of utilities that are designed to make using your computer "Easier". These utilities are usually for display, power management, connectivity and more. Included with the Samsung N130 netbook are the Easy Display Manager, Easy Display Manager, Battery Mode Settings, and Samsung Update Plus.






Additional Utilities:

One of the other utilities that is included is AnyPC, which is a trial from Samsung that allows you to remotely control another PC from your netbook. This is useful if you are using it to admin a home computer or home server. Additionally, I downloaded and installed GMABooster, which is a great little utility that increases your integrated video speed to increase performance. This is all done without altering the voltage so your battery life is not affected. You can set it in increments of 166MHz which is the default, 250MHz which is the balanced setting and 400MHz which is the highest performance and the native speeds for the chipset so there is no extra wear on the system.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Netbook
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Setup & Operating Systems
  5. Testing: Cinebench, Excel 2007, & Geekbench
  6. Testing: ScienceMark & HD Tune
  7. Testing: Sandra 2009
  8. Testing: Battery Life & Extras
  9. Conclusion
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