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Samsung SyncMaster 930BF-Black LCD Monitor Review

Price: $459

Over the years, Samsung has come up with a wide variety of electronics, from printers to televisions, and until now I was never a fan of theirs. The way I ended up with this monitor is quite strange, an act of fate you might call it. I went to my local computer store, Memory Express (www.memoryexpress.com ) to buy a ViewSonic VX924. They were out of stock except one in the bargain bin with dead pixels, so I decided I would go for the only other 4ms display they carried: the SyncMaster 930BF. It was a bit more expensive, sitting at $459.95, but I wanted a new LCD right away. I finally brought it home with me but I was still a bit skeptical about its performance.

Closer Look
The first sight you see is the standard brown briefcase style box from Samsung. It is fairly solid, easy to carry, and the monitor is well protected with Styrofoam. The packaging this company chose is perfect for moving the LCD around with great ease. After unpacking everything, you should be greeted by:
- Cables (power, DVD-D and D-Sub)
- Software/ Driver CD
- Warranty card
- Quick setup guide
- And of course, the SyncMaster 930BF itself

The instructions are detailed and can be followed with great ease. Also, the heads of the plugs (analog and digital) are fitted with plastic caps to protect them, quite a nice touch. Let’s have a closer look at the actual monitor, shall we? Once you unpack everything, you will find yourself looking at the monitor itself (only comes in black unfortunately) and the base (detached). If you are familiar with Samsung, you would know that their monitor bases are usually rectangular in shape. This time though, they deviated from their typical stands and included a circular design. I prefer this; I think it makes it look more aesthetically pleasing. I did not like the fact however, that the base cannot be height adjusted, or even rotated. It is only able to tilt back and forth. I hope Samsung decides to address this issue in further models, but moving on… The panel itself has a very simple and elegant design and is overall fairly thin. Later on once I got it running, I found out it has a decently low heat output as well. My only negative comment on the bezel is the button layout: in low light conditions, it is nearly impossible to tell which is which since the text is just carved into the black plastic. The way I managed past this was to memorize their order (menu, up, down, back, auto balance and power). For the screen I would have preferred a high gloss layout, but don’t really mind this when it comes down to it. Another fact to take note of is the panel itself: it’s made by Samsung, and not by another company. The lower back piece where you can find the ports is cleverly masked with a piece of plastic. It all adds up to make for a very pleasing product.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Software & Installation
  3. Testing & Conclusion
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