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Saitek Eclipse II Gaming Keyboard

Price: $54.99 USD


The one peripheral all of us need and rely on is obviously the keyboard. Likely the object we will spend the most time hovering above or slumped over, a bad keyboard sticks out like an ‘emo’ kid at a Justin Timberlake concert. It is this pressure that had me chomping at the bit to try out the latest Saitek Eclipse. I absolutely fell in love with the first incarnation and assumed the second would only be an improvement. Would I be surprised, content or irate with my findings? Let’s find out.

The appealing packaging that envelopes the Saitek Eclipse Two is what we have come to expect from the 28 year-old peripheral company. The ever expanding and well known gaming peripheral company, Saitek, has struck again with their latest high-end keyboard. Since 1993, Saitek has moved up through the gaming market and has become a major force in gaming peripherals for the PC. They boast their products are ‘designed by gamers for gamers’.





Closer Look:

The Saitek 2 is as surefooted as a cat on Velcro, thanks to the well-made feet located on the bottom of the unit. The weight and stiffness help to keep it in place, while assuring you of a solid key press every time. I honestly can’t recall one instance where the keyboard moved away from me when I didn’t want it to. The extendable legs also work nicely, and have less chance of folding down by mistake than either the original Saitek, or any other keyboard I have tested.


The action is stunningly smooth on each and every one of the 104 laser etched keys on the Saitek 2. The keys are quiet, and with the exception of the slimmer function keys, all of them feel very similar to the original model, which I feel is a good thing. The buttons used for volume, light and dimming are satisfying to use. I enjoy adjusting the light output via the dimmer switch in particular. The dial-like movement of the dimmer mechanism is also very clean, which is a good indicator of how well-built the keyboard is. There is no play or creaky plastic feel evident here. The volume buttons are very solid and the weight of the keyboard helps affirm any press of these keys. The media keys are also of high quality and are pleasing to use. They received more use than most media buttons I have experienced, simply due to the action.


I actually feel the sturdiness helped me win some MSN arguments as I punctuated some of my retorts with a resounding “Boom!” on the ‘enter’ key. In retrospect, I wish I had been arguing about something more useful, given my new authoritative keyboard. I feel as though I could have hammered home more important points, rather than correctly stating which season they changed out the mother on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

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