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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Review



As always, gameplay is the most important aspect to a game, and Gat Out of Hell does not disappoint. It may not always impress, but it does not disappoint. There are a plethora of weapons to choose from, plenty of enemies to kill, and a small variety of mission types to do.

These mission types include Torment Fraud, which is based on Insurance Fraud; Hellblazing ones that are effectively flying-ring challenges; Survival; Extraction Facility; Salvation; and Pledge Rush. The only thing really special about Torment Fraud compared to its equivalent activity in previous games is that you do not play as your character (Johnny or Kinzie). Instead you play as one of the souls in Hell, which makes a lot of sense to me. I realized in the previous title a very efficient means to gold those missions, and this design prevents that. Hellblazing is just a challenge to fly through floating orbs before time runs out. Survivals are somewhat self-explanatory. Extraction Facility missions are effective capture point missions, where you have to capture three points to win. Pledge Rush is a new take on a mission type from Saints Row IV, where you have to hit enemies into certain targets, but this time you just swing a bat in the general direction to score. Salvation features souls either falling or being pulled up to oblivion, and you have to rescue them for points.






Not the largest variety of mission types, but they are still pretty fun. I personally also found them to be somewhat easy, as I got gold in all but one on my first try. (That one was a Hellblazing challenge where I missed one of the orbs and had to double back.) Of course I am fairly comfortable with Saints Row games, and I also indulged myself by collecting soul orbs to upgrade my powers very quickly. Those upgrades definitely helped with the flying missions and the combat missions, as I could fly faster and practically clear the screen with a stomp attack.

The superpowers in Gat Out of Hell are very similar to those we got in Saints Row IV, but are not quite identical. Instead of a telekinesis ability, you instead have the power to summon minions to help in your fights. Also you actually have the ability to fly, instead of something more like a glide. Outside of those and a few upgrades, yeah they are more or less inherited, which is not so bad, since they were fun before. I personally found myself using the stomp ability quite a bit, with the damaging Holy element.



The flight was definitely a great deal of fun. Before vehicles were made useless because of how fast you could sprint, and now sprinting is made useless because of how fast you can fly around. I am serious here, the flying is a lot of fun, fast, and responsive, especially when you upgrade it. Some of the Hellblazing missions have you flying through small areas and through tunnels, and always I was comfortable doing so, because that is how responsive it is. To gain speed while flying, you can aim yourself down, or flap your wings. Flapping is important for those times you want to fly up, because you will stall out. You do have a limited number of flaps, but if you unlock the wall sprinting ability, running into a building can instantly recharge your flaps, and allow you to get to new heights.


As fun as the abilities are, I would be remised to not talk about the weapons. You do get your normal collection of melee, pistols, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, explosives, and specials that can all be upgraded, but you can also unlock the 7 Deadly Sins. These are seven unique weapons that embody one of the sins. One good example would be the Armchair-a-geddon, which embodies sloth. With it equipped your character will sit in a recliner armed with two Gatling guns, and if you recline it, missiles will be shot out and track to nearby targets. Fun and functional! All but one of these weapons must be unlocked by completing some challenge, such as taking control of the teleport points, which leads in to my next paragraphs.



One of the more apparent deviations from previous titles is the lack of 'Cribs.' You will never unlock a safe zone to go to or even fast travel to. The teleport points can be used to teleport between each other, but you cannot fast travel to them from arbitrary places on the map. Given how fast you can fly, that is not so bad. All weapon swapping has to be done at the weapon vendors, which is not so bad, except that you can be attacked in the middle of a transaction. You also never amass a vehicle collection. If you want to drive around Hell, you will have to steal a ride. Again, with how flight is, that is not so bad, except for the number of challenges tied to specific vehicles.

There are some other missing features, but only one do I feel is worth mentioning. There is no radio mechanic, so you will largely be going around Hell without background music, like you could in the previous titles. This seems like an odd omission to me, especially as you can hear radios in cars as they drive by. I can understand if it would have been too expensive to give us multiple stations like before, but even a few pieces to play in the open world would have been appreciated.



In the end it took me five hours and 39 minutes to reach 95% completion, which includes scoring gold in every mission, thereby bringing all of Hell under my 'control.' That control does not really seem to mean much outside of the story's ending though. With about another hour I finished collecting every collectible.

It would seem accurate to describe Gat Out of Hell as a glorified DLC, given its briefness, many inherited features, and even its non-traditional campaign structure, or lack thereof. That label does not detract from the experience though. Instead I feel it gives it context as not being a full Saints Row title, while still deserving a place in the franchise.

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