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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Review



I think a fair way to describe this story would be to call it a Johnny Gat-Saints Row story. You get the craziness of Saints Row, like the musical segment shown off in one of the trailers (yes, that is indeed in the game), but you also have some potentially interesting moments skipped over, which I would expect from Johnny just not paying attention.

The story starts with everyone on the ship from Saints Row IV celebrating Kinzie's birthday, including the Boss from my Saints Row IV savegame, so it does look to that. A Ouija board is pulled out, intending to be used as a simple party game, but when it actually starts communicating on its own, everybody realizes it is a demonic artifact. The portal to Hell pulling the Boss away helps with that conclusion, too. In response, Johnny shoots the board to get its cooperation in rescuing the Boss.

Once in Hell, Johnny and Kinzie spot an Ultor building, and guess that Dane Vogel, a former enemy, is behind it all. He is not, but he is willing to help and does so by providing them with a powerful artifact: Lucifer's Cracked Halo. This is what gives the Saints the purple marks on their arms, the ability to fly, and other superpowers, similar to what we had in the previous title. The actual use of the halo to impart these abilities is only captured in a drawing though, so we get no in-game explanation to its exact function, as you never actually have a halo over or around your head, or why it leaves those marks on the Saints and apparently damaged Johnny's clothing.





Another example of the story seemingly skipping over parts is how it treats other residents of Hell. At times during the game, and during the ending cinematics, references to other former enemies are made, indicating that they are also trying to take control of Hell. The problem is that you never encounter them or their forces. The only force you ever fight against is Satan, which makes me wonder if the references to the other, former enemies were just to establish that they too are in Hell.

At this point we are to seek out other potential allies in Hell, including the DeWinter sisters of Saints Row The Third, Blackbeard, Vlad the Impaler, and William Shakespeare (who sold his soul to Satan). The first time you prove yourself to them, you have to do some special mission, like saving Blackbeard's ship from imps, or breaking Vlad out of prison. Earning their loyalty, however, is less special, as it requires completing missions in their area. Gat Out of Hell lacks a traditional campaign, having the player instead just run missions you find on the streets to cause chaos that will displease Satan. The story moves forward based on how frustrated Satan has become, and results in a cutscene and possibly a new mission. After that, it is back to the street missions.



On the one hand, the lack of a traditional campaign is awkward, even if there is a joke made exactly about this, but on the other, I would expect a Johnny Gat-focused game to be focused on action, like the man. He would not have much interest in going through a structured sequence of missions, but instead want to just jump in and shoot things. Regardless, it is still an entertaining story, even if it could be called weak.

The ending of Gat Out of Hell, without spoiling it, is worth bringing up. At times the story is told by a narrator reading a book, and at the end you are given five Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-like endings to pick from. These include making Johnny the king of Hell and retconing the entire Saints Row Universe. Makes you wonder what is planned for the story of a possible sequel. You are able to replay the final mission as much as you want to view all of the endings, without having to mess with save games.


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