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Saints Row IV Review

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I suspect just about everyone saw this review coming, what with the Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third reviews published a couple weeks ago. So here it is; a review for the M rated game, Saints Row IV. Curiously I cannot find the criteria list for the ESRB rating, but it will likely be almost identical to Saints Row: The Third with intense violence, sexual content, strong language, and partial nudity, amongst others. Some of this content will be contained in the screenshots present in this review, so if you should not be seeing that stuff, you really should not be reading this review.

Saints Row IV is an open-world, action adventure title with numerous RPG elements in it, and a great deal of ridiculousness. For example, the beginning of the previous title had you diving through a plane, entering from the cockpit windows, and exiting out of the back hatch, but in this game you actually start off trying to stop a group of terrorists. How is that ridiculous? To stop the nuclear missile they have launched, you jump on it, during launch, climb up its side, and rip out components to cause it to detonate in mid-air. Naturally before it explodes you jump off, without a parachute. Fortunately the roof of the White House and chair in the Oval Office are able to cushion your impact. That is in the first fifteen minutes. The next fifteen minutes introduce you as President of the United States, with all of the hassle that can come with such a position, and some of the perks. Enjoy it while you can though, because soon you will be thrown into the simulation!

Does Saints Row IV deserve your vote, or is your ballot best cast for something else? Time to find out!








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