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Saints Row: The Third - 2 Years Later Review



So should you get and play this two-year-old game? If you enjoy open world action adventures that do not always take themselves seriously, then yes, I believe you should. As I said in the Gameplay section, Saints Row: The Third offers a high quality experience that rewards you for playing and avoids the tedium other games of the genre suffer. The only negatives that older games can truly suffer from are poorer graphics than modern titles, but this one has aged very well, and one could probably name some modern games that look worse. The campaign may be shorter than you would like, but the game has been designed with multiple other elements to invest time in to.

One feature I have not addressed in this review is the cooperative multiplayer. The reason why I have not brought it up until now is that I have not actually used it. By grabbing a friend you may not lengthen game time, but you will almost certainly have more fun as you and a friend cause as much chaos as you can, and maybe get around to the campaign missions.

It may be old, but be sure to play it if you have the chance.

  1. Saints Row: The Third - Introduction
  2. Saints Row: The Third - Graphics
  3. Saints Row: The Third - Story
  4. Saints Row: The Third - Gameplay
  5. Saints Row: The Third - DLC
  6. Saints Row: The Third - Additional Gameplay Images
  7. Saints Row: The Third - Conclusion
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