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Saints Row: The Third - 2 Years Later Review


DLC: Genkibowl VII:

As with most AAA titles, Saints Row: The Third has DLC and all of it is out now for you to enjoy. Most of the DLC are small item packs that include guns, vehicles, and clothes, but three of them also add new missions to play. The first of these to release was Genkibowl VII.











One of the kinds of missions in the base game are Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax games. Basically they are lethal game shows that pit you against armed mascots and traps. The Genkibowl DLC adds more kinds of lethal challenges, such as one that places you in a giant ball of yarn, tasked with causing so much damage before time runs out. (I did not say it had to be lethal to you.)


The campaign missions can be completed in under half an hour, but like the base game, completing these missions unlock more, though the side missions are not necessarily limited to the campaign missions. A skydiving challenge, for example, is not included in the campaign but is one of the mission types added to the world. You are not able to replay this DLC's campaign, unlike the other DLC campaigns. To replay those, you just need to reload the game.


Unfortunately I am constrained from being able to play and time all of the side missions at this time. If I remember correctly they take between half an hour and an hour to complete, which is not very much. They are fun and get you money and respect, but add little to the game beyond some brief enjoyment. Of course if you get a copy of the DLC (which is included with the Humble Deep Silver Bundle if you beat the average) you should probably play them, unless you despise the Reality Climax challenges in the base game.


DLC: Gangstas in Space:

The second campaign DLC to be released is purely campaign and adds no side missions, but upon completion you get some new homies, vehicles, and clothes. Curiously the DLC's alien weapons are not made available to you outside of specific missions in the DLC.


Throughout the base game, references are made to a Gangstas in Space movie being made, featuring the Saints. The DLC is about you actually making the movie, alongside your costar Jenny, who plays the space princess, Kwilanna. Weapons, enemies, and vehicles are reintroduced to you with the appropriate alien-tech twists. Also, as you explore behind the movie's sets, you will find different Easter Eggs, such as references to other games and even the base game.


There are only three missions to this campaign, and it took me only about an hour to complete, including the time it took to travel to the mission starts. Potentially it would have taken me less time if I had played more of the base game. Instead of waiting though, I jumped into the DLC the first moment I could, which was about 35 minutes into the playthrough. Why did I do that? Because the two vehicles you unlock at the end of the DLC are both flying vehicles with the ability to switch between a hover and flight mode. The larger vehicle is fast, maneuverable, and very powerful, making it very valuable to have early-game.


While definitely fun, the real enjoyment I get out of this DLC comes from the two vehicles its completion unlocks. Though there are comparable vehicles within the base game, they are unlocked later in the story and I prefer the Gangstas in Space variants. You can decide how valuable such powerful vehicles are to you and your experience.



DLC: The Trouble with Clones:

The Trouble with Clones is the final campaign DLC Saints Row: The Third received, and does represent a very polished addition, but again is very short. I completed it in only 37 minutes, and doing so only gets me a new car, weapon, outfit, and new homies. Fortunately the missions themselves were pretty fun.


The story behind the DLC is that Johnny Gat, a member of your crew, has been cloned by the Saints' biggest fan. Unfortunately the clone is not perfect as it is actually a large brute that does not know where he is and what is going on, so you have to hunt him down before anyone tries to kill him. During the process, the cloner, Jimmy, provides a dramatic narration that embellishes a fair amount, but that is what makes it so enjoyable to listen to.



Along with having built a cloning machine, Jimmy has created other interesting items, including a drink that gives you superpowers. These powers include super speed, strength, and the ability to shoot fireballs from your hands. Along with the super strength, though, are pop-ups every time you punch an enemy, like what are in comic books to convey the sound of the strike. Eventually the powers wear off and you are left to using a rocket launcher with unlimited ammo.



Accompanying the missions is a dramatic musical score that does its job of juxtaposing the ridiculousness of the game.

While fun and entertaining, again, The Trouble with Clones offers little to the total gameplay. If it were longer, or just offered you the superpowers in the base game, the DLC would be valuable. As it is though, you really just get some laughs out of it.

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