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Saints Row: The Third - 2 Years Later Review



You are the leader of the notorious gang, the Saints, from the city of Stillwater. Events of previous games have led your crew to become superstars, which has also caused you to forget your roots as a gang. Now a rival coalition of gangs called the Syndicate has decided to take your territory, and in the process you have been stranded in the town of Steelport. Your goal is to take down the Syndicate and take over the city. Pretty simple and straightforward, though the arrival of the military complicates matters, as more advanced weapons enter the field, and they are all aimed at you.

Being in a new, unfamiliar city, with an enemy you have never dealt with before, you eventually go after potential friends who want to destroy the Syndicate for their own reasons. These reasons include taking away one character's honor to making a science experiment out of another, and completing missions will reveal more about your new friends to you. Typically what more is revealed is just how insane the people are, but really you have to be insane to be part of the Saints' family. Otherwise you would know better than to jump out of a plane without a parachute, relying on a tank to save you.






As you deal with the Syndicate and the military, situations present themselves when you are given a choice, such as to blow up a building or to capture it. Blowing it up gives you a permanent respect boost, but keeping it gives you a permanent money boost, as well as a more intact skyline. The choices are almost always between two options, and all options are well labeled, so you know what the consequences are. As your decisions are permanent, you will have to play the game at least twice to experience every consequence (though the Unlockables DLC does give the bonuses associated with the choices).

Saints Row: The Third does not have the deepest story there is, but, to its credit, it is more than just an excuse for blowing stuff up and driving on the sidewalk. It gets you from mission to mission, wondering what insanity is next, and hoping the mission gives you unlimited rocket-launcher ammo.

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