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Saints Row 2 - 5 Years Later Review



As easy as it would be for this game to have a 'save-the-princess' story, it is actually more complex than that and provides motivation for the player to be interested in continuing. Most of the time at least. Being the leader of the Third Street Saints, you are determined to rebuild your gang's former glory. To do this you have to defeat and exterminate the gangs that have taken your territory while you were lying in a coma. Though the separate campaigns start off as just a large-scale turf war, they can get personal as friends are murdered and revenge is sought. Of course as one side escalates, so must the other.

Part of rebuilding your gang involves finding new lieutenants, and to prove yourself to them, you have to do certain tasks for them. These missions do not take long, and as unimportant as repossessing a car may seem in the scale of the game, it is one of the missions you must complete to earn a lieutenant. 








Once you have your lieutenants, your character assigns them the duties of tracking the three other gangs. Now when you run the gang missions, you will interact with a specific lieutenant. This works well for teaching you a little more about the specific characters, but you do not get a life-story out of any of them. Really you just get to experience their personality some more.

There are four campaigns in the game; three main campaigns and an epilogue campaign. With the mild exception of the epilogue, none of these campaigns relate to the others. The destruction of one gang, accompanied with the death of its leader, does not lead to another to attempt to claim more territory or otherwise reference the fall of an adversary. This means that each campaign is like its own separate story, including the epilogue campaign, as it does not specifically reference events in the other. I mention this so you know not to expect some grand story arc tying everything in the game together, because there is not one. The closest you will get is the Saints' motivation to conquer Stilwater.

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