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Saints Row 2 - 5 Years Later Review

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As the release of Saints Row IV approaches, some who have been caught up in its marketing schemes may be interested in the earlier games of the Saints Row franchise. We have already taken a look at Saints Row: The Third, and thanks to the Humble Deep Silver Bundle, which is still on sale as I write this, we can now take a look at Saints Row 2.

The Saints Row franchise features the Third Street Saints gang creating chaos with gunfire and explosions, and Saints Row 2 is no exception. After waking up from a coma and busting out of prison, you, as the leader of the Saints, go to the Stilwater Courthouse to free Johnny Gat, a Saints Lieutenant who is most happy when murdering. From there you proceed to challenge and defeat rival gangs and a rather corrupt company, all in an open-world action-adventure environment. By the way, the game has received a Mature rating from the ESRB for violence, strong language, and more, and some screenshots in this review may also contain such content. If you should not be seeing such content, you should probably not be reading a review for a game that contains so much of it.

Five years after its release, does Saints Row 2 still deserve attention, or should you look the other way? Read on to find out.





  1. Saints Row 2: Introduction
  2. Saints Row 2: Graphics
  3. Saints Row 2: Story
  4. Saints Row 2: Gameplay
  5. Saints Row 2: Additional Screenshots
  6. Saints Row 2: Conclusion
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