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Rosewill Super Slim Wireless-Touchpad Keyboard Review



Overall, I would have to say I thought very well of the Rosewill keyboard. Not only does it feature media keys, which I find to be useful on a keyboard, it is also slim in size being only 14mm at its thickest point. Being thin also makes this keyboard light-weight, which is useful should you plan on lugging it around with your gear. It did take some getting used to, typing on something so small, much like the switch from a full size keyboard to working on a laptop, but after a while it wasn't too challenging. The touch-pad I thought was spectacular with being able to left click, right click and center click using one finger, three fingers and two fingers respectively. The ability to scroll by sliding two fingers across the surface vertically was also useful, as I don't know what I'd do with out a scroll wheel to be honest.

Overall, the touch-pad itself is as good as any Synaptics touch-pad included on laptops. What is really brilliant about this, is that it requires no drivers or software - just plug it in and you're ready to go - as long as the batteries are installed. Its wireless distance of 20 meters makes it a great choice if you have an HTPC and the media keys make it easy to control your media experience. In testing I found the keyboard was able to manage at least 10 meters and at this distance, the keys all still worked and I was able to use it as a media keyboard. As for price, it retails for $59.99 on Newegg, which if you consider the price of most keyboard and mouse sets, is in the right ball-park. If you happen to have an HTPC, then this keyboard should definitely fit the bill and even if you don't own an HTPC, but own a gaming PC, this is a great product. Of course, you might not find much use with gaming, but if you, like me, happen to have a gaming PC and a TV in the same room, then I also recommend this keyboard/touch-pad, which allowed me to control media on my PC making my gaming PC a really high-end HTPC.



  • Slim in size
  • Lightweight
  • Combination of a keyboard and mouse in one
  • Media keys
  • Decent wireless range



  • Takes some time getting used to


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