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Rosewill Super Slim Wireless-Touchpad Keyboard Review


Closer Look:

Upon opening the box, we are greeted with the keyboard sandwiched between two pieces of foam, as well as a set of four AAA batteries for the keyboard. Once out of the box, we have our plastic wrapped friend as well as our batteries and wireless receiver. Out of the wrapping we have our keyboard, which is a standard 88-key keyboard. The keyboard itself has the ever-so-familiar 'Fn' key, which when pressed, allows you to access the additional functions that are labled on some of the keys. Also included on the keyboard are Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause Break, Home, Page up and Down keys and an End key, as well as arrow keys. Not here though, is a separate number pad. However they still give you a number pad of sorts, by utilizing a Num Lock button and the blue labeled keys.

Towards the bottom of the keyboard, we have the touch-pad and laid out beside that are ten media keys. Starting from the top-left of the touch-pad, we have Media Center which opens Windows Media Center on Windows 7 and Vista. As I only had Windows 7 for a test OS, I am unable to discern what the key does in any other OS besides Vista in the listed specifications. For the next key moving down the side, we have Media Player, which for me opened my default music player. Next we have the Flip 3D key, which initiates windows flip 3D and with each button press moves you though flip 3D. Again, due to having no other test OS, I have no idea what this key does in any other OS. Next on the list of buttons we have the Next button which goes to the next song in your music players play list. We also have the Previous button, which moves to the previous song, and Play/Pause which pauses or resumes a song or plays a new one, and Stop which stops the music. Moving on, we have Mute, which as the word implies, mutes your audio device, and Volume Up and Volume Down which turns up or down the volume of your audio device.

The back of the keyboard is probably one of the least mentionable parts, but we do have a few things worth mentioning here - one being keyboard feet, which can be lowered to elevate the keyboard. There also is the battery compartment at the bottom right and a reset switch in the bottom left corner.
















Moving on to our last to images we have a close up look at the wireless receiver which is about the size of an average flash drive. On this flash drive sized receiver is a small button which allows you to reset the link between the keyboard and wireless receiver. Last but not least we have a picture of the receiver parked in the top panel USB port of my case. After plugging in the receiver the PC immediately installs a generic driver and your ready to go.



Wow! This keyboard packs quite a lot, but how easy is it to use and how well does it live up to its claim of 20 meters?

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  3. Specifications and Features
  4. Testing
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