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Price: $95+-


At first glance you will notice that this case isn't 100% overclocker friendly. Although this case is already painted and has places to install (2) fans and would make a good LAN case. You can order this case from Nikao.net and you can choose from the colors they offer. The Romeo features (7) PCI slots, (3) 5.25", (2) 3.5" External, and (2) * 3.5" Internal. You can order your case with a 250Watt PSU and it can be upgraded to a 300 or 350Watts for you power hungry overclockers.

The Package

Below is a picture of what you get. It's pretty self-explanatory. This case has as I said above (3) 5.25" bays, (2) External Floppy 3.5", and (2) Internal HD 3.5". There are two places where you can place fans in this case. They are pre-drilled for the screws of the fans, and the front fan placement can move lots of air because of its design.



  • Mid-tower Case
  • ATX, Extended ATX or Pentium IV
  • Two 80mm fans can be installed*
  • Additional Internal Bays: 5 - 3.5"
  • Sliding motherboard tray
  • Includes big-o-bag of screws
  • Electromagnetically Shielded
  • Tool-less Slide Out Access (Push two tabs in the front of a case and pull out the front cover towards front.)

    The Insides

    Not the most overclockable case on the market but, it does have some potential. Once I took the case panel off ( No tools required ) I found that there was no sharp edges inside. This is a major plus because if your like me, always in the computer, you don't want to get cut up everytime you repencil your cpu. The slide-out motherboard tray is something that this case has and also something I can't live without. As I just said, if your inside your box alot your going to need fast and easy access to your peripherals. With the slideout motherboard tray you can work on your peripherals much easier and faster. One thing about the slideout motherboard tray I did not like was that you have to take the case panel off to unscrew the motherboard tray (2 screws). A better design would consist of having the screws on the outside of the case in the back. This isn't a major problem because taking the case panel off is very easy because it doesn't require tools. In the back you will see one of the two 80mm fan placements. It looks much like any other fan placment on other cases. I plan on using my dremel to cut out one large whole instead of all of the small ones. Then put a chrome fan grill on it so the cat doesn't put it's paw in the fan :/



    This mid-tower isn't for everyone. It would make a good LAN case because of it's size and weight. A window kit would look pretty good on this case and a Neon light kit.
    • Good Quality and well built
    • No rough edges inside
    • No tools require case panel
    • Slideout motherboard tray
    • (2) Pre-drilled fan placements
    • Can buy in different colors

    • Thick metal makes it harder to dremel (Case mod)
    • Motherboard tray screws are inside instead of being on the outside (Have to take off case panel to unscrew tray)

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