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ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag Review


ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag Conclusion:

While there is a smaller version for 15-19” monitors, dubbed the Tusko Across-The-Board Flatscreen Bag, the Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag is the perfect companion for monitors 20-24” in size. The rugged build and tough nylon material ensure optimal protection for transported gear, and it’s enhanced even further by the heavy-duty clips, metal carabiners, and reinforced handle. The shoulder strap is comfortable and large enough so it won't dig in ones shoulder while lugging around a heavy monitor. The hard plastic reinforcement and the soft internal padding will protect the screen from possible drops or bumps, while the central and side straps will secure the monitor inside this body-armor-style bag. ROCCAT also thought about LAN gamers – or just any gamer that moves his/her gear frequently – and equipped the Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag with multiple pockets for peripheral transportation. A regular-size keyboard can also be strapped to the front and transported without any issues. However, smaller keyboards might not sit nicely and  could fall off the straps.

Overall, ROCCAT offers another innovative product that does what it advertises and does it well. My only suggestion would be to revisit the straps for the keyboard to make them compatible with smaller units, and add some sort of overall water-proof cover for total protection against rain and accidental liquid spills. I’m amazed that this bag from ROCCAT was out for almost four years and I didn’t have one already, it could’ve spared me all the packing and unpacking of my monitor whenever I wanted to take it somewhere farther than my living-room! Hopefully ROCCAT will release a new version for bigger monitors with more peripheral portability options.



  • Sturdy and tough
  • Cool tactical-vest design
  • Rubber handle
  • Peripherals transport ready


  • Not a water-proof design
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  1. ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag: Specifications & Features
  3. ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag: Conclusion
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