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ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag Review

Price: $44.99

ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag Introduction:

When I received the ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag, I realized that I had bags for everything except for my PC tower, peripherals, and monitor. I never gave it too much thought since every time I needed to take a monitor with me somewhere, I had to dig out the box from the storage, remove the monitor base, and repackage the whole thing. The process was the safest but also very time consuming and not very practical.  The folks at ROCCAT seem to have solved the problem a few years ago with the release of the Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag. Today I will take a close look at this unique product from ROCCAT. Let’s see if the Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag can make my life, and the lives of all of you LAN-party fanatics, easier!

ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag Closer Look:

The ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag comes in a simple plastic bag with a paper sleeve containing the usual branding, value propositions, and feature highlights. As expected from ROCCAT, the design of the sleeve is very well thought out. The front shows the company name and logo, the product name, and an emphasis on that 20-24” widescreen monitors are supported. I must note that ROCCAT offers a smaller version, the Tusko Across-The-Board Flatscreen Bag, which is compatible with 15-19” monitors. The middle section shows a cropped picture of the product in action and lists some of the features such as the Clip’n’Go system, the keyboard holder, and the protection plate plus. The back of the sleeve is even richer in content. ROCCAT included a front and back view of the bag and a holographic picture showing the Tusko in a peripheral-loaded state.










The ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag looks quite rugged and feels light for its size. The design is very sober as far as the color theme goes; all black woven nylon is the only choice available. The unit measures 395mm in height by 575mm in width, which is plenty enough for full coverage of the screen area of most 24” monitors out there. The front sports a large ROCCAT logo, two keyboard straps, and three open mesh pockets. The back has a zipper pocket and two large plastic clips that will secure the bag on the monitor.



The ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag reminds me of a tactical-vest. The next two pictures will show where the resemblance lies. When opened flat, the design of the bag becomes clear, very simple yet clever! The front, which will cover the screen, is reinforced with an internal hard plastic skeleton with a layer of padding on the inside for extra protection.



The ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag comes with a large shoulder strap equipped with a soft pad which is wide enough to ensure a minimum of comfort while carrying the monitor bag. The shoulder strap is also equipped with heavy duty carabiners that will withstand the weight of the monitor without risk of breaking or snapping that might occur with plastic-made parts. The pad has the ROCCAT name and logo stamped on the top while the bottom seems to be covered by a soft faux-leather material. The padding is not very thick and makes me wonder if the shoulder strap experience will be as uncomfortable as the Into bag.



If you prefer carrying your bag by the handle, ROCCAT has you covered with a rugged, plastic-reinforced handle that feels comfortable and durable. The handle didn’t lose shape under load and was very easy on the hands.


The ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag fits around the monitor and covers the screen completely, while the clips on the back will secure this tactical-vest-inspired product in place. The back of the monitor may not be covered completely as shown below. I used a 22” Samsung monitor to test the Tusko and there is also some empty space on each side, these gaps will be taken care of by the adjustable side clips. Basically, securing four clips is all what it takes to have your monitor armored and ready to invade a friend’s house for the weekend! The ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag doubles as a carrier for your arsenal of peripherals as well. Two straps on the front allow for securing a regular-sized keyboard during transportation; small devices such as my tenkeyless CM QuickFire Rapid are a loose fit and might slide off the straps. A piece of removable Velcro would avoid this and it’s not really hard to source in a local craft store. The zipper mesh-pocket situated on the back is convenient to stash away cables, adapters, USB drives, etc. Three open mesh-pockets are located at the front under the keyboard area; these can hold items as big as a USB Logitech Trackball mouse or the 5.5" Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I will probably attach some Velcro on these pockets to provide some more peace of mind while carrying items in them.





  1. ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag: Specifications & Features
  3. ROCCAT Tusko Across-The-Board Widescreen Bag: Conclusion
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