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ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

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ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Testing:

The ROCCAT MK Glow was put through a week of testing. The testing included daily use, web surfing, gaming, and programming. After the week was through I had a good idea of what I liked and disliked about the keyboard. This is the limit, unfortunately, of what I can tell you. Because keyboards are so different and customizable these days, everyone under the sun is going to have a different opinion of what they like and what they dislike. Take for instance the color of the LED's. This keyboard only comes in blue. I personally know someone who hates blue at their computer desk and instead prefers red. I am quite taken with the blue, however, and I have always had blue in mind as the color scheme of my desktop setup. So with that in mind, here is what I liked and disliked about the keyboard.

Testing Setup:

ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Results:

Now the first thing that I will mention is that the Cherry MX Black switches that lie underneath every key can be used in two different manners. The first one is the “click clack” method. The keys have a light enough resistance that consistently compressing them all the way down to the base of the keyboard is fairly easy and tireless. The other manner in which to use them is the “hover hand” method. The keys on the keyboard register at about a half to a quarter of the way through the keystrokes, and if you type in the “proper” manner (so says my other half), without letting your fingers rise very far off the keyboard, this is fairly easy to discern. Once in awhile I can get into a groove and float across the keys at the distance the they need to be pressed; it becomes much easier to speed up my typing and the noise produced is greatly reduced. 

Everyday Use:

As far as daily use goes, I find the keyboard nearly perfect. If not for the fact that I am still unused to the key spacing and the depth to which the keys compress, it would undoubtedly BE perfect in my eyes. Surfing the web was easy and I made quick use of the F10/www key, which automatically homed in to Google on my default web browser. Because the keyboard layout is so normal, I found it easy to find everything I needed. One major thing that can obstruct all users is too high of a brightness setting on the keyboard. Now, this is completely within my control, I just thought I would mention that max brightness literally makes this keyboard unusable for long periods of time. This is probably a personal problem, but nevertheless, you have been warned.


Regular typing for essays and such is like a dream. The keys are very smooth and I can flow through sentences and essays unhindered. Programming on it is just as good as typing and can be augmented to help more in some cases. For instance, if I wanted about a sentence long piece of code to be written into different locations on a page to see where it would be most effective, I could map it to a macro with the F12/REC key and then simply hit a single key for that entire line of code. This was very interesting to experiment with and may not be useful for regular users, but I thought it was really cool.


The main reason to purchase a keyboard of this magnitude would have to be gaming. The result: awesome, not perfect, but certainly different in a very good way. The thumbster keys are a great innovation in my short fingered opinion. I can never easily reach the macro keys on keyboards, so having some closer keys is truly a gift. The profile swapping can get in the way of utilizing the thumbster keys if you leave them as the profile keys. However, for games that have tons of different single key hot keys (like RTS games), the ability to remap the standard keys to other keys is invaluable. Then, there comes the power of the Easy-Shift[+] key; literally doubling your options and freeing regular keys from the standard configuration. This is especially useful for me in first or third-person games that toggle anything. There may be many keyboards that have more macro keys, but there is currently only three that can utilize the Easy-Shift[+], which opens up around 100 macros per profile!

There is also ROCCAT Talk, which can connect the keyboard to a mouse by ROCCAT that is compatible. I can’t test this function because I have no such mouse, but it is supposed to allow for even more key assigning and profile changing fun.

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