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ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review


ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look:

The software that ROCCAT provides for the Ryos series is a little tedious. With a little push in the right direction (like a tutorial), the software would be great. However, without any sort of direction, I think the software falls a bit short of amazing. The actual interface is very well put together, in my opinion. There is one window that has four tabs at the top; one each for Main Control, Key Assignment, ROCCAT R.A.D., and Update/Support. At the bottom of the window are five gaming profiles that are anchored throughout all of the tabs so you are always aware of what profile you are on.

The customization starts on the Main Control tab. The first box on the left lets you decide whether or not to activate the Easy-Shift[+] key. The next box down lets you place the Windows Start menu key on either side of the spacebar (i.e. switch the “fn” key with the Windows Start menu key).  The next box below is for disabling keys in Windows for gaming. And the last box on the left is for character repeat settings. The box on the top right is for the brightness of the keys, followed by the box that tells the keys to dim after a certain amount of time passes. The box below the key illumination boxes is for configuring sound feedback. This funny little thing tells you when you are switching between profiles, recording macros, or if you have unlocked a ROCCAT achievement trophy. The way it informs you of these actions is not with a simple alert noise but a very loud, specific, and overly dramatic voice. It is kind of epic and kind of silly at the same time. Finally, the last box on the page, at the bottom right, is for resetting the driver.











Next is the Key Assignment tab. This tab is for assigning keys, of course. There is a virtual keyboard that you can select keys from with the mouse. Once your key is selected, you can change the primary and secondary function of the key. The Easy-Shift[+] must be used to access the secondary key functions. Here is where the difficulty begins. You can select key functions with the drop down menus on the left of the keyboard. There are a good number of games that the keyboard comes prepared to assign functions for. These have predesignated actions in game that are easy to select and assign.

However, making your own macro is harder. First, you have to select Macro Manager and then select a game from the same list supplied earlier. Next, you change what keys correlate to what action by activating the record function in the program and then typing the combination desired. Okay, but what about making a key assignment for a new game? Well, I was able to enter a new game name and create an action, but I am as of right now unsure of how to apply that new function to the game in question. Other than this little conundrum, you can reassign all of the letter keys to other letter keys for primary functions and assign anything to the secondary functions. Always, at the bottom of the page, are the Game Profiles, and once you are done mapping keys and such, simply click on “save profile”. Now there are only five selectable profiles, however, any number of configurations can be made (select “create profile”) and then assigned to a profile. It seems as if the boasting of 500+ macros that ROCCAT has been doing proves true (amazing, right?).


The third tab is for ROCCAT's trophy page. Trophies unlock after a certain number of key hits. Finally, the last tab is the Update/Support tab. This is for downloading driver updates and accessing online support quickly. The firmware automatically updates when the driver program runs; it should tell you to disconnect and reconnect after the firmware updates. Gosh that was a lot to cover, but in the end well worth it. The program allows for a completely absurd amount of customization and places gaming in the hands of the user. When I started trying to use the software I was very disappointed. Now that I understand how to use it, I am very impressed.


  1. ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard: Introduction
  2. ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look: Continued
  3. ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look: The Software
  4. ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard: Specifications & Features
  5. ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Testing: Setup & Results
  6. ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Conclusion
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