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ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review


ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Illuminated Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look:

The keyboard itself seems very wide considering it only has five macro keys on the side. It has a pretty standard key layout, the INS, Home, Pageup, Pagedown, DEL, and END keys are oriented horizontally rather than vertically like the rest of the keyboards I have. One thing that sets this keyboard apart from others is the large, solid palm rest. This monster of a palm rest isn't even removable, so be prepared to make room. The solid feel that the palm rest gives is something I personally prefer to the removable ones. The backdrop to the keys is the micro-dotted, anti-smudge surface that leads to a polished frame. I think this adds to the edgy, angular look that the keyboard seems to be going for. The whole look is wrapped up with the ROCCAT name and insignia written boldly on the bottom edge of the palm rest.
















The back of the keyboard is unadorned, like the back of most keyboards (all of the ones I have seen anyway). However, the wire routing system is very versatile. The 1.8m USB cable can be run to the left, right, right and left, up, or down configurations, so, if for some odd reason your computer is stored behind you, there is still a way to rout your cable in its direction. Other than the cable routing, there are just the rubber feet, which are gigantic. There is even an extra rubber grip that runs almost the entire length of the board. These should keep your keyboard grounded through an earthquake of gaming. The keyboard is at a very generous angle already, in my opinion, but it does have risers that are also rubber tipped. The cable for the keyboard is not braided or removable. I don't see this as a particular problem, but others may disagree. 



Other than the five macro keys on the side, and the three thumbster keys, there are no keys that aren't on any regular keyboard. All of the features on this board are accessible through the “function” key or the Easyshift[+] key. The Easyshift[+] key is essentially like the “function” key, but works for any re-mapped keys that the user comes up with. This key is located where the “caps-lock” is supposed to be on a typical keyboard (don't worry, this can be set as the regular caps lock in the driver program from the ROCCAT site). The “function” key is probably the most important key on this keyboard. With it, and the F12 key, you can map any combination of keys to the thumbster or macro keys at any time. By that, I mean that whole words or shift+commands can be mapped to single keys. You can sort through the profiles you have mapped using the thumbster keys at their default settings. T1 and T3 allow for sorting through the profiles, and T2 is a shortcut to open the driver software. These keys can also be remapped if you don't like the settings like this.

The “function” key also does the usual media controls, like fast-forward, play, volume, and mute, by utilizing the F1-8 keys. The F9 and 10 keys with the “function” key open My Computer and Google search, while the F11 + “function” key changes the brightness setting on the keys. I do wish that there were standalone media keys, and other function keys, but with a completely illuminated keyboard and a 32-bit ARM cortex processor it seems like some other bells and whistles had to be left behind. Speaking of the “caps-lock” key and the Easyshift[+] key, the indicators for the “number-lock” and the “caps-lock” are located above the arrow keys.




Underneath each one of the keys is a Black Cherry MX Key switch. These are medium resistance switches and are a very good choice for this keyboard. I believe this to be a good choice because this model doesn't come with any other switches, and picking the medium was probably the best option. I like the Black in particular because of the response. If there was any more resistance or any less I would be just a bit unhappy, but these are perfect. This is very much my opinion of the switches and will most certainly be different for other users.


The rest of the pictures are just to display the keyboard, its different angles, and what it looks like with the LEDs on. So, enjoy!



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