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ROCCAT Roundup: Mice, Mousepad, and Bungee


ROCCAT Roundup Conclusions:

Overall, the goodies from ROCCAT were generally impressive, despite the daunting cost associated with buying a ROCCAT product. Both mice were well worth the extra penny, and having the different size options available literally at my fingertips was a great experience; size really does matter.

ROCCAT Kone XTD Gaming Mouse Conclusion:

The ROCCAT Kone XTD was a bit of a flash back to the previous ROCCAT Kone and Kone[+], with near identical looks and features. Its added weight kit and 4-LED lighting scheme allowed for a rather personalized setup. Unfortunately the software was the ultimate fail in both the XTD and Pure mice. The installer crashing while it installs and crashing while writing to the mouse are two major no-no's. That's the last thing I need to happen when I'm just trying to customize my mouse. I could deal without the flashy imagery as long as the mouse works and the settings I want to change actually send to the mouse. Despite my anger with the software, I ultimately enjoyed the XTD.

The size being larger wasn't much concern since it compared to my old friend, the MX-510. The ability to change colors and match the rest of my setup was a bonus when it worked and adds a bit to any office ambiance. The most frustrating thing was the inability to change the "shift plus" button to anything but the typical back button. The cost of the mouse is a little up there, but the build quality seems to be there. Costing less than the RAT mice and settling in just under an M95 from Corsair, the price is justly justified. It has a lot of features, and when the software works, there is a lot to customize. Overall I was okay with the mouse. I would pick the Pure over the XTD for two reasons: personal preference in size and the lower cost for ultimately the same thing.  


  • Customizable: colors, weight, and buttons
  • Good tracking and response
  • Braided cable


  • Can't change shift button to something else (unfortunately this is the "back button")
  • Software not friendly (crash-tastic)


ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Conclusion:

The ROCCAT Kone Pure was the smaller of the two mice with a slightly lower price tag to go with it. Having small hands, I had a slight preference for this mouse over the XTD. With the software being identical, there was about an equal number of features to customize. Like the XTD, I was able to customize the color and location of all the buttons (except the shift button). I preferred the notchy scroll wheel, despite having removed the catch on my old mouse. The feet glide nicely on any mousepad and tracks reasonably well. The fit was by far my favorite, as I hate having my arm raised up just to use the mouse. The color is fun to play with, but again you must be rather patient with as often as the software crashes. Change might hold, but you will likely have to restart the software to make another change. I hope ROCCAT will take some time to bug fix. Ultimately the Pure was my favorite in the bunch of goodies; I hope the quality lasts. 


  • Small for little hands or a relaxed palm fit.
  • Solid scroll wheel - feels durable
  • Good tracking and response 
  • Customizable: colors and buttons


  • Crappy software
  • Inability to change shift button (loss of "back" button)



ROCCAT Apuri Mouse Bungee with Active USB Hub Conclusion:

I had been using the Skorpion mouse bungee from December and really have just been used to having one now. At work I have to tuck my mouse cable under the corner of one of my monitors, and it just isn't the same. The Apuri Mouse Bungee worked about the same as the Skorpion in principle. It is shaped a bit differently so it sits on my desk a little differently and who would have guessed…it being different makes it different.

On a serious note, it was nice having the USB ports right there on my desk. However, the extra cables associated with both having the USB hub as well as additional power to make the ports powered (two cables) was more annoying than the benefit of having the USB ports. I didn't like the dangling cables off the back and even just plugging in the USB (without the power plug) was too much for me. I honestly don't like cable mess – so having one more on my desk that is hard to hide wasn't a favorite of mine. The idea of having a mouse bungee is something I originally laughed off upon having the chance to review one the first time – now it is something I really just like having around.

Unfortunately this USB hub/bungee from ROCCAT comes at quite the cost. I'm not sure why the cost associated is near $40 USD as it doesn't come plated in gold or silver and doesn't provide much extra benefit to your desk other than holding a mouse cable and providing four standard 2.0 USB ports. For that amount of money, I can buy any USB hub with more than four USB 2.0 ports and tuck my mouse cable under my monitor – and go buy lunch. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon for a type of bungee for your desk yet, the ROCCAT Apuri Bungee probably isn't what you want to go for. Even though it could serve as a USB hub, if you ended up not liking the bungee feel, it sure isn't worth it for the extra coin. Save yourself the hassle; grab a rock and some tape .


  • Lights up in blue when plugged in.
  • External power source.


  • Extremely high cost.
  • Only USB 2.0 ports - good for keyboard and mouse, but not data transfer in this day and age
  • Not as heavy as other bungees.
  • Extra cables to plug in.
  • Again, cost $$$$$



ROCCAT Sense Mousepad Conclusion:

Honestly, the ROCCAT Sense is a mousepad; there isn't a whole lot to say about that. It effectively works as a mousepad (no surprise) and honestly I feel this particular component really comes down to a user. If you don’t like thin mousepads, or particularly wide ones – then no, the Sense isn't for you. If you just want a pad that works – go to Walmart and spend $5 on a cheap pad. The Sense is a nice size for those like me, who tend to play all over rather than just in the center of a pad. However, the overall appeal of the Sense isn't really there. The poor color printing on the top of the pad, as well as this unfortunate ROCCAT tax we seem to be paying on all its products takes away any real benefit of buying this mousepad over any other like it.


  • It's reasonably large
  • It works as a mousepad!


  • Printing is of poor color and lacks a "plain" option.
  • Cost: a bit high for what it is.
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