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ROCCAT Roundup: Mice, Mousepad, and Bungee


ROCCAT Software:

I'll start this page with an honest statement: ROCCAT software is... it just is. It kind of works, and when it does, it is exciting. But it has a lot of flaws with its attempts to outdo most companies' software options. You can expect the installer to crash, the software to crash, the software to crash while writing to your mouse, and you can expect random crashes. Just simply expect crashes from the start and you are good.

Anyway, moving on with the typical POS software, let's look at the setup for the Kone Pure. If you haven't heard of that horrid Easy-Shift[+] button, you might as well just run away now. For the Kone Pure, you must set button 4 or button 5 to this Easy-Shift button. Buttons 4 and 5 are what I would call your normal forward and back buttons under your thumb. Unfortunately, the way this awful setup is, you cannot have forward IE and back IE set up at the same time. Pick one or the other, you can't have both. This sucks. I complain about a lot of things, but this is one thing that really ticks me off – not being able to have a forward and back button beneath your thumb. Sure with a Shift option you could have it, but – that's just not normal. I don't like this…

These first few screen shots represent those for the Kone Pure mouse. The first shows off the sensitivity controls, the scroll wheel options, tilt speeds, and DPI settings for the various clicks up or down (if this is what you have your buttons set to). The second screen allows you to set your button clicks as well as your Shift buttons, which adds a complete second set of options to the mouse. Personally I hate being forced into having a Shift button placed and have no need for any "MMO" options and am sad to see no way to remove this forced Shift button on button 4 or 5. Sad Panda [insert sad panda image here].









The next pages allows for "Advanced Control", "Color Control", "RAD", and "Updating". The Advanced Control lets you set your X-Y sensitivities, tracking, sound feedback, and pointer speed. The Color Controls are pretty obvious; set whatever you want color-wise (even RGB values). Your RAD page displays your ROCCAT achievements display, with how many clicks you have per buttons and scroll sweeps as well. It's pretty neat and has some 13 trophy achievements you can earn based on your usage. The Update tab is most obvious in use – use it to update when new drivers or firmware are available.




The Kone XTD drivers/software are no better. The same issues of crashing during installation proceeded and crashes during the upgrading persisted as well. Mind my language, but this sucks. It installs nonetheless and works somewhat. The same screens are available for the XTD as the Pure with slightly different images for each screen to show the different mouse buttons. The images below show the same shots with the XTD.





Overall, the software will make you cranky. It's just that way -- well at least until ROCCAT decides to fix something. Comparing it to other mice/keyboard software on the market, it really is of poor quality. Corsair's software for the M90 or the software for the odd off-branded Meduza mouse still had better software than this. I guess the true quality of what the software can do is negated by the fact that it crashes every time you apply something new. So if you want to see your mouse in pink, then blue - expect a crash in between. It's just utterly amazing how poor this software is compared to some off the really crappy "Made in China" stuff you can buy.

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