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ROCCAT Roundup: Mice, Mousepad, and Bungee


ROCCAT Sense Mousepad Closer Look:

Last and maybe not least, is the mousepad: the ROCCAT Sense. Rolled up in the cardboard tube, this 2mm thick, 400 x 280mm pad rolls out. The pictures on this page aren't funky from my camera, but rather because the mouspad has a funky bluish color. It isn't quite what is shown on the website and isn't really blue in color either. It's a big ROCCAT logo with bursting blue – there are a couple other options available, but nothing too plain (no solid colors).















The bottom of the pad is nice and grippy, at least on my glass desk – which most are, but this is only 2mm in thickness. It is almost like it isn't even there, which is a pro or con depending on what you prefer. There isn't much there for padding for those of you who like something squishy for your arm/wrist , but if you like something that is almost non-existent, this is it – for a certain price of course.


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