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ROCCAT Roundup: Mice, Mousepad, and Bungee


ROCCAT Apuri Mouse Bungee with Active USB Hub Closer Look:

Moving away from the mice and moving on to an accessory from ROCCAT, the Apuri Mouse Bungee finds its place on my desk. This one is a bit unique compared to others on the market, with the added USB ports involved. Unfortunately this increases the price to a pretty unbearable $40 for a silly mouse cable holder with a few USB ports – this thing better walk across my desk and do tricks for this price. This Apuri bungee comes with a quick start guide like the mice, as well as both a USB plug and power adapter.














Looking at just the bungee, it's pretty neat looking. It has three locations for blue lighting on the top and four USB 2.0 ports for plugging in whatever you desire. The ROCCAT logo on top is a light gray, with a flat, rubbery black background that matches the mice. The bungee is rather bouncy, but the overall piece is solid and not separable like some others on the market.



Looking up close at the three sides of the Apuri mouse bungee, there are four USB 2.0 ports (two on two sides) and a power and USB connection on the third side for the real connections. The added power port provides extra power to the hub for whatever power sucking items you may have. It also provides power to light up the bottom light, which you'll see in the next set of images.



The bottom of the bungee has a ROCCAT logo (not that you'll be looking under here much) that lights up in a subtle blue. It adds a bit of glow to your desk, which can be either neat or annoying depending on what you are doing and the time of day. Plugging in both the USB connection and the added power, you can see the annoyance of added cables to this beast already. I'm really not looking forward to the mess on my desk – perhaps I'll use it as just a bungee, though it's a hell of a cost for just a bungee.


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