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ROCCAT Roundup: Mice, Mousepad, and Bungee


ROCCAT Kone XTD Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

Pulling out the next item, we've got the Kone XTD. At first glance, the Kone XTD has an eerie bit of de ja vu, and perhaps it's because it looks much like the Kone [+] I tested awhile back. It has the same lighting layout and almost the same basic premise overall; let's just hope this one works a little better.

The ROCCAT Kone also comes out of the box with a nice twist-tied braided cable to keep it neat and a quick-install guide. It also comes with a cool little box with added mouse weights; 5g each times four weights for a total of a 20 gram addition to the mouse. The front and back of the mouse look nearly identical to the Kone[+], but since that was never officially reviewed here at OCC, let's take another look. The ROCCAT logo that lit up on the Kone Plus now is just a silver outline. Instead, two strips up the left and right can shine brightly. Overall, the mouse is quite a bit bigger in size and goes back to the "his and hers" mice – this is definitely for the former. Bigger mouse for bigger hands – I don't have bigger hands.














Overall, the Kone XTD is about the same in appearance with some key subtle differences to the Pure; the glossy strips up the left and right and an extra button above the tilting scroll wheel. The same uber blue ROCCAT logo appears on the left of the mouse, but ultimately it's the same mouse in grander scale.




The bottom of the XTD is about the same as the Pure and to avoid redundancy with its appearance, I'll only mention the circular pod for the 20 grams of added weight. It twists off nicely to add or subtract weight and holds tightly between such events (no weights will fall out).



Plugged in without drivers, the mouse works and lights up nicely. By default it cycles through the RGB spectrum of colors along the left and right strips. It looks pretty nice and for you fat handers and lovers of the Logitech mice, this may be a new compromise to finding MX518 on eBay.


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