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ROCCAT Roundup: Mice, Mousepad, and Bungee


ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

Moving on to more exciting things, like real pictures of what we're talking about, I pulled the Kone Pure out of its box. The mouse has a nice braided cable wrapped up neatly with a twist tie and a quick install guide to help you get going fast. After downloading the drivers from the ROCCAT Support page, I was ready to go. The mouse has a neat little ROCCAT logo on the bottom right edge of the mouse. It lights up in quite the range of colors and is hidden subtly under your hand. From the front, the mouse has the appearance of a lefty mouse in my opinion, but your hand kind of gets used to this odd shift. It seems almost normal without much use.














The mouse is pretty sleek looking all around. It's matte black without the sticky flat coating and rather smooth to the touch. It's the same color all over, so there's no odd glossy button sticking out anywhere, just a bright blue ROCCAT logo on the left of the mouse, that somehow just fits in. The buttons on top of the mouse below the scroll wheel are the DPI setting buttons that toggle up and down in DPI. If you've ever owned a ROCCAT product before, you know that the software enables a real "tool" of a fool to announce the DPI setting as you scroll through them…"3200 DPI". Ahhh, the moments of scrolling through just to hear that stupid voice.




The bottom of the mouse has nice gliding feet on the top edge and bottom edge. It's just right for any moving around on almost any suface (though glass is never happy with any mouse). The bottom is also labeled with ROCCAT Kone so you can brag about exactly what you have – in case you can't remember what you bought. A metallic sticker sports the highest DPI setting of 8200 DPI.

The cable is a standard USB cable with a nicely cut out "ROCCAT" on it. With a braided cable and the nice quality of the line, it's quite easy to pull and plug without tearing things up (my poor iPad cable is falling apart). The lighting is pretty nice on the mouse as well, but unfortunately the center has an ultra-bright spot on it, despite the color choice. The nice thing is you can match it to anything with a full customizable RGB spectrum.


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