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ROCCAT Roundup: Mice, Mousepad, and Bungee

Price: $69.99, $89.99, $39.99, $18.99

ROCCAT Roundup Introduction:

I'm back again with more peripheral products; this time we'll take a look at what ROCCAT has to offer with two mice, a bungee, and a mousepad. Here at OCC, we've previously looked at the Kova[+] Gaming Mouse and the Kulo 7.1 USB Headset. Both were incredible, quality items that seemed to be plagued by a high cost. After watching ROCCAT grow, the company continues to have a high value for its products, but produces solid, quality products that even angry gamers, like myself, have a hard time destroying. With that said, I have high hopes for the ROCCAT products we'll be looking at today.

On the bench today are two mice: the ROCCAT Kone XTD, and ROCCAT Kone Pure. Placed next to each other, they honestly look like a pair – a "his and hers" mouse set. So I guess if you have any special dates coming up, this could potentially be a gift idea that benefits you as well. The Kone XTD is a little bigger with more lighting, while the Kone Pure has the same shape, but is a bit smaller with less lighting. The two mice should compete quite well, leaving you to choose between big or small.

Along with the two mice is the mousepad, which comes from the ROCCAT Sense series. There are three different "BOLD" designs to choose from, yet all are another form of blue: Glacier Blue, Adrenaline Blue, and Chrome Blue. Today we'll look at the Sense Blue mousepad from ROCCAT. How will it compare to your current pad of choice? To finish off the deal, the bungee combines with the mousepad as assistants to the two mice today. Both play supporting roles to successful mousing! The ROCCAT Apuri stands in to hold your mouse cable out of the way and in place. It also features a USB hub with additional power available and an awesome blue environment light. So let's get to work and actually take a look at this ROCCAT bundle of goods.


ROCCAT Roundup Closer Look:

We've got quite a lot to look at today from ROCCAT. Even while still in the boxes, the products look pretty good all piled up. The Kone Pure sits in the back left, the Kone XTD hides its identity on the bottom, the Apuri sits on top of it, and the rolled up Sense mousepad is curled up there in front.








We'll start looking at the Kone Pure first. Its box is very colorful and flashy in appearance. If nothing else, I must admit that ROCCAT has always put a lot into its boxes. Whether this comes to you as an additional cost or not, the box is at least pretty even if what's inside isn’t. Let's hope today we like what we get in all these boxes. The ROCCAT Kone Pure features 8200 DPI, the Easy Shift[+] (explained in the software page), multi-color options, and ultimate tracking. There's a lot going on all over the box: listed features in different languages, diagrams of features, and even a pop-open window to take a look at the mouse itself. I must give props to the ROCCAT artists for this impressive box work.



We have another mouse to look at today as well. It's a little bigger in size and looks a little like the ROCCAT Kone[+] I unofficially tested awhile back. Perhaps things have changed and we'll get some good use out of this one. The box is much like the Kone Pure above, with lots of descriptions and a neat window to peek in. I really applaud the idea of being able to place my hand inside to try it on for fit (at least if I'm at the store).



The ROCCAT Apuri is next on the agenda – a new active USB hub mouse bungee. Described on the box as a "Desk Assistant," it's a mouse bungee with USB ports. It sounds like a good idea conceptually, but will it really be an assistant? The box is just as fancy as the other ROCCAT items, but I won't leave it to the box to sell it to me.



Last but not least, we tackle the ROCCAT Sense – a 2mm thick mousepad added to the bundle we'll be looking at. Curled up in its box, the blue color peeks out the little window. It seems to be just a mousepad in a box, but it comes with quite the text on the box. I'll leave it to you to do all this reading.


  1. ROCCAT Roundup: Introduction
  2. ROCCAT Roundup: Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Closer Look
  3. ROCCAT Roundup: Kone XTD Gaming Mouse Closer Look
  4. ROCCAT Roudnup: Apuri Mouse Bungee with Active USB Hub Closer Look
  5. ROCCAT Roundup: Sense Mousepad Closer Look
  6. ROCCAT Roundup: Software
  7. ROCCAT Roundup: Specifications and Features
  8. ROCCAT Roundup: Testing & Results
  9. ROCCAT Roundup: Conclusions
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