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ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad Review


ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad: Conclusion

To sum up the review, let me give you the rundown on how I based my scores. Much like any other review, I split it into the three sections to determine the final award. First I looked at what the company is saying it offers. For example, if the company states the mousepad supports a smooth surface and is waterproof. In any example, I examine what is advertised versus what is actually offered. Most of this becomes uncovered as I take pictures to document the product. If the company does not stay true to its word, then it loses points because no one ever wants to be sold on false advertisement. Next I look at what the product is marketed for and put it into perspective. An example of this could be using a cheap mouse and expecting the same high scores. This would contradict its target market and something I try to catch so it does not affect the score. The last bit is my own interjection. What could the mousepad offer in its price range, and what do other companies offer. This category may include larger or smaller pads, different colors, or support for higher DPI. This list is endless so let's move on to the conclusion.

Before I say my final words, let me recap the Pros and Cons pertaining to the Raivo. Starting with the Cons: the Raivo only has a few, but for a mousepad that is one too many. The biggest issue I have isn't the semi-sharp edges. While they are not enough to cut you, it is definitely uncomfortable to lean your wrist on for a long period of time. The mousepad feels like a piece of cardboard with some color added to the front. It's not a good feeling after a few hours of gaming and the only solution would be to get a gel pad, which adds to the final cost.

Next are more minor issues. First is the cost and frankly, it's too high for what it has to offer. I ended up looking at other brands and ROCCAT's own mousepads to find similarly priced ones with more to offer. It is a tough market to be in considering the vast amount of mousepads already floating around. Last up for the Cons is the size. Now I cannot mark a company down for making sure you have enough room, but it is a very large mousepad and less than half of it I used. Overall the Raivo is a tad bigger than the flagship Hiro mousepad, which was monstrous, let alone overkill.

On to the Pros! ROCCAT has delivered on its promised advertising, which is high DPI support, among other things. Having the DPI support is the defining difference between a generic or cheap mousepad. If you have a $70 mouse and play a lot of first-person shooters, you need that extra control. The Raivo is smooth and consistent when moving the mouse around, which is also necessary. Not once did I hit a bump or miss while aiming because of faults from the mousepad. It does comes with a price: a hard surface that is unconformable, as explained above. Finally, the Non-Slip backing does its job as you would expect any decent mousepad to provide. It is, however, based on the surface the Raivo is placed because it has no cushioning of its own. The mousepad uses small bumps to prevent movement and it loses this effect when placed on an uneven surface.

My final thoughts are that the ROCCAT Raivo is good enough but could use a little TLC. The Raivo priced at $30 is right next to many other mousepads that are just as good, if not better. It's hard to justify that amount of money for a mousepad, especially if it does not offer something truly unique. Adding the fact it hurt my wrist after a session of gaming, I would advise to wait and see if something the same price or cheaper replaces this entirely.



  • High DPI support
  • Smooth and consistent
  • Thin
  • Non-Slip backing



  • Very large
  • Sharp corners
  • Cost

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  4. ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad: Conclusion
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