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ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad Review


ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad: Testing

To give you an idea of how the ROCCAT Raivo compares to other mousepads I will be using a qualitative approach for the Precision, Speed, and Control. Each description of my findings will be based off observation while playing Unreal Tournament 3. My choice to use a semi-dated game and not another game or office software was because Unreal Tournament is known for its twitch gameplay. The graphics may be showing its age, but the core gameplay has not changed since its first debut in 1999. The ROCCAT Raivo is marketed toward gamers so it seemed most appropriate.

Let me give a quick rundown of what my observations are based on. For Precision, I will keep track of how often I miss due to inaccuracy of the mousepad. Speed was based on how fast I could move the mouse across the screen with the DPI at 3500. Control is directly related to how smooth the cursor traveled across the screen and the ability to track targets. There will be no hard data or quantitative chart this time around, because I feel It does not give a good comparison for a mousepad.


Comparison Mousepads:



While playing twitch reflex-type games, it's important to remember you only have one chance to be on target before they shoot back. Sometimes It even comes down to who has the best aim. This is where having more than just a generic mousepad makes you the winner of a showdown. Being on target the first time is absolutely necessary and the Raivo did not disappoint. I ending up switching around the pads enough to get a feeling for each one. In doing so, the generic mousepad was clearly the worst as I often missed my shots as a result. The desk surface was actually better because of my time without a mousepad and I have become accustom to it . For most people, it is uncomfortable and hard to use and any mousepad is better than the desk surface.



For the Speed comparison, I turned the DeathAdder to 3500 DPI with the goal to see if the mousepad was still readable. The Razer DeathAdder was able pick up the Raivo on the highest setting. The worst of them all was the desk followed by the generic mousepad. There is not much to this observation, but just remember fast is good because you can always turn down the sensitivity. On the other hand, if your mouse does not pick up the pad in the first place, then that becomes a problem. I find myself leaving the DeathAdder at 1800 DPI and making slight adjustments in game. If you are playing a real-time strategy (RTS) game, a low DPI might suit you better, but I've also known a few people who max out the DPI so they basically don't have to move their hand at all.



Control is a little hard to explain if you are not a first-person shooter (FPS) gamer. The problem I had across all the mousepads except for the Raivo and Hiro was moving the mouse in a diagonal direction. If you play FPS games you know that being able to look up, down, and left to right is essential. Interestingly enough, if you pay close attention, you are often traveling at an angle. If you have played Unreal Tournament, this is something that is constantly happening and everything is based on twitch reflex. The second you stand still to readjust, you become a target. I could feel and see a noticeable difference between the Raivo and the generic mousepads. Similar to the Hiro, the Raivo was smooth and was always just where I wanted the cursor to be.



When it comes to long gaming sessions, comfort plays just as important of a role as the rest. The ROCCAT Raivo wasn't perceptibly more comfortable; in fact it felt more like an extension of the desk surface. The mousepad has sharp corners that cut into your arm as it rests and the materiel itself feels like using a mouse made of cardboard. A simple solution is to get a gel pad for the wrist and your comfort problems disappear.

  1. ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad: Specifications & Features
  3. ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad: Testing
  4. ROCCAT Raivo Stealth Black Mousepad: Conclusion
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