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ROCCAT Kulo 7.1 USB Headset Review



Testing the Kulo Headset is nothing more than a purely subjective review. Unfortunately, there is no way to benchmark a headset at the current time. You can play the same music, movies, and games for every headset you compare, but it all comes down to personal preference each time. You will like something about one headset and something else about another. To test the range of the headset's capabilities I played a few games, tested out the microphone with some friends, watched my favorite parts of a few movies I have seen a hundred times over, and listened to tons of music while studying and working. The Kulos have the opportunity to show off their capabilities as well as reveal any flaws they may have.

Testing Setup:

Comparison Headsets:

  • Turtle Beach TBS-2114



Clearly designed with gaming in mind, the Kulo headset hits its mark here. Running through several levels of both Left for Dead 2 and Borderlands with a few friends proved to be an easy task. Not only could I hear that sneaky hunter creeping up behind me but my friends could hear me perfectly through the microphone. "Move it further away from your face...no that’s too far...I can’t hear you...stop yelling..." This familiar scene in which your friends tell you how to adjust your microphone is non-existent. On top of this, you can turn up the volume and really be a part of the game. The noise cancelling feature works so well that you might actually miss a few calls while gaming! The inline volume control is a little annoying as it is rather sensitive to the touch, but once it was adjusted properly I just left it in place.


The design of this headset was not envisioned with movie-watching in mind, but for the casual movie-goer they are not too bad. The best fight scene in The Matrix is a must-see every time I get new speakers or a headset. Movies are where the 7.1 Virtual surround actually works well. The dropping bullets sound as if you could see where they fell with your eyes closed. The bass here is a little lacking but overall does not leave me disappointed. You can easily sit down and watch Netflix without disturbing those around you. Of course, a home theater setup will always beat a headset, but if you do not have another sound source these will work well.


Listening to music is part of my everyday life. I thoroughly enjoy a deep bass response so I was very pleased to hear that the Kulo headset could provide some decent levels. Three Six Mafia’s "Late Night Tip" has a very wide range of bass levels and the Kulo managed to handle the song well. The Black Eyed Peas, Basshunter, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Adele, as well as classic Bach and Beethoven all sounded pretty darn good. I would not take the Kulos on a loud plane to listen to my music, but if I am sitting at my desk these will find a home affixed to my head. Overall, the Kulo headset is quite enjoyable.

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