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ROCCAT Kova [+] Gaming Mouse Review



In conclusion, I really liked this mouse. I will be using it over my favorite DeathAdder for a while and plan on it being my main mouse until I find something better. I truly enjoy it despite some features that usually would turn me away from it. I don’t like the lengthy changes for settings in the “flashing” of the mouse and I hate the extra buttons for the left-handed user; and I will never use the mouse as a lefty, so don’t bother me with the extra buttons. But even with both of these “problems” – I’m set on using this mouse. After the painful configuration to set it to the exact speed and sensitivity I want I’m now set. Any changes from here will be minimal so it won’t kill me…

In reality the “length” flash settings to the mouse probably only consumes about 40-45 seconds of my time, but when you are really trying to nail down that last little adjustment it becomes frustrating when you can’t really tell if this setting is better than the last setting you had it on. The extra wait in between to me was very frustrating, but for those of you with a bit of patience – it won’t bother you as much. But considering that I can make some of the same changes in Windows at a faster and more instant pace, I become much more than impatient in waiting for settings to apply. Either way, like I said, this won’t keep me from using the mouse. Now that I have my settings I’m a happy user.

The Kova[+] is a really nice mouse. If you have yet to find that mouse that will never leave your hand, this one is definitely one worth giving a try. Once you begin using it you likely won’t want to change – even with the little things that bother me I still prefer it over my old mouse. It’s great at tracking, it goes where you want it to go, and you have some pretty damn good control over how it moves with so many settings. Unfortunately, its price is a bit high considering some of the competing mice on the market. Especially when you consider the Razer Naga, which is only $70.00 on the market right now. It has 17 buttons with no need for a shift key to use them. The design is there, the marketing is pretty, but the cost is going to have to come down to make this one fit its value. The Kova[+] might not be a gold winner in my palm, but it’s definitely a mouse worth putting in yours.



  • Good cable length
  • Nice body shape and fit for any size hand
  • Can be used left handed or right handed
  • Saved profiles for different users or different games



  • Changing settings is very time consuming.
  • Drivers are clunky and don’t provide instant feedback
  • Cost is a little high


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