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ROCCAT Kova [+] Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $67.98


ROCCAT is a German based company that developed innovative accessories for determined computer gamers. Founded in 2007 ROCCAT Studios, based in Hamburg, has been producing uniquely designed input devices for you and your game. Recently making sales in the US through NCIX.com, Amazon.com, Newegg.com, and their AZZA US headquarters in California – their newest creations can now be yours.

Today ROCCAT sends us their newest gaming mouse, the Kova[+]. An new and improved version of their also featured Kova mouse, the Kova[+] features up to 3200 DPI with the Pro-Optic Gaming Sensor which can be adjusted on the fly starting at 400 DPI. The major factor setting this apart from its mother Kova, and what seems to be the only difference, is its new innovative Easy-Shift[+] feature that takes you from having the already impressive 12 buttons to 22 with the hold of a button. I will explain how well this awesome feature works in the “Configuration” section of this review.

The Kova[+] shows your color in four multi-color LEDs located on the four corners of the mouse and can be changed in the included driver settings. The entire body is composed of a rubberized black body and is ready for hours of gaming without sweaty palms. The driver even allows you to set up to 5 different user profiles which allows you to keep your settings saved even if you have to share your rig with a sibling or significant other who has very different tastes in mouse properties. And if that isn’t enough for you… well then, this mouse TALKS! When you change your DPI settings, profiles, volume settings, or sensitivity settings you will get a nice friendly male voice letting you know what changes you have made. Now that I’ve got you interested, let’s get to a closer look at all these features.


Closer Look:

I know ROCCAT for their over glorified packaging department. Every product I’ve gotten from them has always been a packaging dream. They clearly spend some time in designing the beauty that their products are shipped in; now the question is…do they spend the same time in developing their products? I guess we better get to looking into this.

The front of the box gives you a little window to peek inside and see what your investment has gone to. A magnetic flap keeps the mouse within still a secret, but yet a fun flap to play with. It’s like when you were a kid and got to pick one toy out at the store – you always played with the package on the way to the register. The box boasts about its 3200 DPI resolution and advanced driver macros. I’m excited because it says I can change the color of the lights! The back of the box supports ten languages of quick features about the mouse. These are all provided on the “Specifications & Features” page of this review.



Standing this box up you can gaze at its remarkable preparation for the shelf at your storefront. The side of the box gives you four angles of the mouse with hints at the color changing corners. I don’t know why, but it changing colors is exciting to me. The front of the box also holds popular reviews, much like the OCC award on other packages, from Tom’s hardware and other international review sites.



Opening up that magnetic flap we get a true glance at the still plastic-bound mouse. A few more features are listed inside the flap and the excitement of the Easy-Shift[+] features. But really – I just want to get this box open already. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of time was spent on designing this box and it is beautiful – but in reality, I know you will just tear it open as soon as you get it, so why can’t I?



Alright, the mouse is out of the box…sorry no cat here (just doesn’t make sense). I immediately notice the rubbery feel; it’s not a slick mouse but nice and non-sticky feeling. I’m happy already. I always hate glossy mice that make your hand sweat. Gross. The cable is bound well with a twist tie to keep it neat in the box. A set of instructions is included in its own pretty envelope. The ROCCAT logo is embossed in glossy black on a matte black finished package. It’s nice to see companies still including a driver disk – too many times I have been without Internet access when new hardware arrives. The USB plug has the ROCCAT logo and reminds you it is a Kova in case your friends ask what mouse you are using and you can’t remember. I’m not sure of the true purpose of it being written here – but it is a nice touch.



Taking a closer look at the mouse I’m very happy to again remind you that it has a rubberized body. I have had several mice over the years that had a smooth glossy finish and I cannot recall the last one that I used more than a week or two. The matte or rubberized coating has always kept me happy gaming. You hands don’t sweat and you’ve always got a good grip on your game.

Looking at the bottom of the mouse we see four rather large mouse skates. It’s always nice to see some good skates on a mouse. It keeps them working on any surface, and to know I don’t need to buy some fancy ones is an added bonus; these come with good ones to start. The bottom of the mouse also gives you all your typical details: the barcode, your product number, warnings, and all that jazz you don’t particularly care about. But I guess that’s why they put it on the bottom of the mouse – how many of you have every really looked at the bottom of your mouse before? Bet you are looking now…



Another couple angles of the mouse and you’ll realize this mouse is 100% symmetrical. It’s good for righties and equally as perfect for lefties. The body has no difference left to right and even includes the forward/backward buttons on both sides of the mouse – for a total of 4 side function buttons. Regardless of what “handedness” you are, you can customize each of these buttons to fit your needs. The only button that cannot be changed around completely is the actual Easy-Shift[+] button, which will always remain as one of the “back” buttons on the left and right sides of the mouse. It seems they’ve hard-coded this one in – you can change it to something else but you cannot make any other buttons the “shift” option.




Overall, this is just a fine looking mouse. It fits well in my hand. I might have small hands but it’s just one of those perfect shapes. I tend to not like mice that are designed for either handed person, and tend to prefer mice that favor us right-handed users. However, this mouse has caught my hand – I plan to be using it for some time to come…that is if it performs well. Let’s get this thing plugged in and see how long it takes to get back to Skyrim!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Configuration
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Results
  5. Conclusion
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