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ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical Gaming Mouse Review


ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

Starting off with the top down perspective of the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical, it is clearly the same body as the Kone Pure. There are some obvious changes, including the two tone coloring and written out "PURE OPTICAL" on the silver grey portion, but the mouse is otherwise the Kone Pure reborn. In case you don't know the Kone Pure (and are too lazy to read about it here), I'll provide a bit more. The scroll wheel has a rubber sleeve with notching to allow for full feel of the "click" as you swap between weapons or read through pages. The "+" and "-" cycle through the DPI settings while hearing the classic ROCCAT man voice read the current DPI. If you don't know what I'm talking about in regards to this "voice", there is a male voice that actually announces your DPI settings as you cycle through them – it's something funny I've found with most ROCCAT mice since the very beginning. Google it if you really want more on this nearly comical voice.

The bottom of the mouse exposes the sensor itself and its 4000 DPI rating. There are two big skates at the top and bottom edges of the mouse that provide smooth gliding on almost any surface (including those crappy mouse pads). It does track even on glass desks, though I would say only in emergency situations. You sure wouldn't want to game that way, but if you just needed some basic mousing, it is doable.















The side profile shows a little more about the mouse. The seemingly large gap below the mouse button is actually the travel length of the right click button. It looks like a lot from the image, but in reality it's about the same as any standard mouse in click feel. You can also really see the soft-feel grip material in the black. This texture has been a favorite of mine since I got my first mouse with it. Your hands don't seem to sweat with it, and it just feels nice to hold. The upper portion in grey/silver is still more of a plastic material that almost feels the same, but just isn't quite the same. The left side of the mouse has the same black soft-grip material as the right and sports a mini ROCCAT logo along with the Kone Pure in all capital letters. You don't get a glimpse of the word "Optical" in that area, but rather up above the forward and back buttons, as shown below. Default settings for these forward and back buttons is forward and EASY-SHIFT[+], respectively, which can be changed to whatever you desire – however, one downfall seems to be the fact that the EASY-SHIFT[+] button, if you are to use it, must be assigned to one or the other of these buttons (forward/back) or you can't have the bonus EASY-SHIFT[+] buttons. This is something I feel ROCCAT mice have struggled with for some time now, and have yet to resolve. However, I will applaud that ROCCAT has removed the forced EASY-SHIFT button, so you don't HAVE to have it if you don't want the bonus buttons.



Here are a couple more images of the mouse from the very front and very back side of the mouse. The front sports the Titan Wheel while the back shows off the glowy ROCCAT logo, which has the full color spectrum with 0-255 for each RGB value, equivalent to 24-bit color. You won't struggle much to find your color match with a little tweaking.

The ROCCAT Titan Wheel motto is "Built to Last, Engineered to Own." But what is the Titan Wheel? The Titan Wheel is one of ROCCAT's standards in design – in this case the wheel has 24 steps per cycle and has the ability to be spun a full 720 degrees per second in both directions. The wheel itself has also been rated for a 3kg push force to "click" the wheel in every direction. So the Titan Wheel has a lot behind it and at first touch, it rolls smoothly up and down while maintaining a well appreciated click feel. I'm excited to see how it performs, as often times the scroll wheel can make or break a "favorite" mouse for me.



A little isometric style view gives you a little more feel for the mouse. It's a smaller, narrower mouse compared to most on the market and fits the smaller hand quite well. I will admit, as I switch between different mice for review, I always find a distaste for each and every mouse as I first begin to use them. One thing usually tends to stand out between changes. In the case of the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical, it was the thumb placement feeling off. That being said, a lot comes from what mouse I’m transferring from. A big mouse to something small is always odd. I will add that this mouse is quite enjoyable even after just a few hours of breaking it in.

The USB connector is the nearly standard gold plated connection on the market now. The bit of difference you can see is in the molding of the plug itself; the ROCCAT logo and USB symbol are engraved into the uniquely shaped plug, bringing the nice braided cable to your ports on your motherboard, front of your case, or USB hub.



Overall, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical is in every bit the same embodiment of its former ROCCAT Kone Pure; however, I liked that mouse quite a bit, so I'm happy to see it again. The two-tone body gives it a different look and brings a little more to a rebuild of the mouse with a new/different sensor. Though I'm not a fan of remakes of the same mice again and again with something a little different, and that's something that has irked me from ROCCAT over the years. I don't really understand the stepping up of the same style of mouse again and again with the same external body and slightly different internals. However, it has worked for ROCCAT and if the end user really is approving of this, who am I to talk? In the end, I ultimately approve of the mouse itself, though I can't say I'd be looking to upgrade to it if I still had the ROOCAT Kone Pure in hand.

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