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ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Review


ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Testing:

The ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse was defiantly put through over a week of use and testing. During this time it was used it in everyday use, surfing the Internet, Photoshopping, and, of course, some gaming. As a mouse is personal to each and every individual, so how it responds in these various tasks is important in different ways to everyone. This rather subjective review is best to provide you the feedback from use rather than assigning made up numbers trying to compare one mouse to another. It's pretty easy to distinguish the likes and dislikes of a mouse through words rather than leaving it to you to decide what a 7 or 8 really means. No guessing game – here's what I liked and here's what I hated.

Testing Setup:


ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Results:

Everyday Use:

My main mouse these days has been a ROCCAT mouse, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical is what I seem to keep going back to. The KIRO, while somewhat similar, hasn't been my favorite shape in the last several weeks. The symmetrical shape to make it a righty or lefty makes it a little less comfortable for a righty (or perhaps a lefty). Just a little bit of curvature and "booty" is given up on the mouse, leaving it feeling a little empty on the far side. You do get used to it, but I'll admit it's a different hold. I think a new mouse is always "weird" at first and takes time. This is just a little different, because it still feels odd several weeks later. With the right software settings I'm happy with it for everyday use around the Interwebs, dual monitors, and day-to-day "stuff."



As for gaming, it hard to say any mouse has a real strong feature against any other competitor on the market these days, depending on style. Obviously mice with more buttons can have an advantage, but comparing apples to apples the ROCCAT KIRO is right where it should be. It's hard to argue it makes me a better sniper or anything like that – but it works well with the right settings and that is about all that matters. It really more comes down to comfort and fit these days, and I can only tell you so much how you'll like to hold it. You're likely going to have to hold one yourself. Again, I'll point out the lack of a right side to the mouse being ambidextrous. It's a little strange at first. I will argue one thing against feel for game play – the scroll wheel. It's a little noisy and does not seem to be as smooth as others. It's not always critical to have the smoothest scroll, but it was just something I noticed while scrolling through weapon menus or cycling between guns; not end of world, but a difference worth mentioning.


  1. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Closer Look: Continued
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  4. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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