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ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Review


ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Closer Look:

The software from ROCCAT products generally seems to be pretty good. It is usually rather intuitive to use and often has more than enough settings to get yourself set up exactly as you want. The first thing the software wants to do is ensure you're running both the latest software as well as firmware on the mouse. So before going further, I let it upgrade the firmware on the mouse (which used to be a bit of a scary task, but is so simple these days).


The software recognizes the mouse and customizes it to align with images of the specific mouse and naming "KIRO" on everything, something more software products are doing for mice and keyboards. A little more familiar than simply generic. Under the KIRO menu there are settings, button assignment, and advanced settings tabs for different setting options.

The settings menu has sensitivity, scroll speed, tilt, double click, Windows pointer speed, and your DPI options from 250 to 4000. Button assignment is pretty obvious. It allows you to graphically switch out the left and right button panels based on they way you've configured your mouse. Technically you can set options that don't exist (since it doesn't detect the panel), but that's just user error. It's pretty obvious to set options, so I won't waste my time explaining. The advanced settings let you change your polling rate, lift off control, left/right hand orientation, and lighting options.



Besides the mouse tab, there is an ALIENFX, TALK FX and SWARM CONNECT major tab. The ALIENFX tab allows you to combine products from ROCCAT and ALIENWARE. It allows communication across product, so lighting and special effects can work together. The compatible products are listed within the software, so you can later decide to add a keyboard that works, too.

The TALK FX tab allows you to "combine devices and games in new ways." It allows events on screen to trigger sensory effects with your hardware (keyboard + mouse). Enabling the option actually installs another small portion of the software. It seems to be a more warranted feature for full RGB keyboards.



The last tab is for SWARM CONNECT. It allows you to control similar options as the software from an app on your phone. I did not have trouble getting the software to pair with my MOTO X (first gen) – but I was not actually able to submit changes to the mouse. I just recently got a new phone, so perhaps I will have to try again. However, I'm not so inclined to change options from my cell phone when I'm sitting right in front of my computer with immediate access to the software…


  1. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Closer Look: Continued
  3. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Closer Look: The Software
  4. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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