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ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Review


ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Closer Look:

The ROCCAT KIRO is a very symmetrical mouse and for a very well-known reason, SUPERDEXTROUS! Well at least that's the ROCCAT term. Really it just means it's ambidextrous friendly and, quite frankly, this mouse is in many ways something we haven't really seen too much of before it. You've already been hinted with the blank panels that came with it, but the "whoa" moment is yet to come. For now bask in what the KIRO is. It has the ability to have four buttons left and right of the mouse as well as your typical left/right click, scroll, and what I like to call a profile/DPI toggle button. There's the ROCCAT KIRO logo, which I can only guess will have color lighting options based on the 16.8M the box boasted about.

The bottom of the mouse has your typical sticker spread. Shows off the barcode with serial number (which hopefully you'll never need to use), what the mouse is (ROCCAT KIRO), disposal warning, QR code, and typical US required ratings. The skates are reasonable in size, covering the majority of the top and lower edge of the mouse . The two glossy portions you see left and right are actually recessed providing less drag. It glides quite nicely without much effort. There's no option for weight change, but I can't say it's too heavy or too light, and although weights were so popular for so long – I have never really had a preference to buy just because it had "changeable weight."



Moving along, I've changed things up a bit for these next review pictures. I've set it up the way I'll be using the mouse, right handed with only buttons for my thumb, which resides on the left. I've placed in a smooth panel on the right side, so we can get a good image of what the mouse looks like for righty or lefty (just use your imagination to flip it the other way leftys). You might notice in these pictures the cable is not braided. I found this to be a little odd since about everything is now braided; no longer such a hot feature, but rather almost a given. So it's strange. The rest of my cables are braided, so I can't really tell you if there'd be much a binding problem… but strange.



Pardon the random dog hairs in some of these pictures. The scroll wheels has a nice traction rubber coating that also helped me collect the dog hairs from the room. He was quite interested in the mouse, too. The wheel is quite nice and not too terribly loud for rapid scroll. The matte body, on the other hand, is a bit more slick than most I've felt. It's almost slippery, while the sides maintain a slightly textured feel to keep things in control. By default, the middle button below the wheel is a DPI cycle option. It cycles between 400, 800, 1600, 2400, and 4000 by default. These options can be modified in the software I'll share with you later. I seem to like the 2400 option for most things.



But let us move on to the fun part. How do all these different sides swap out to provide the SUPERDEXTROUS?!?! Well it's quite simple. You start with a naked ROCCAT KIRO. You then have four outfits to try out, naked left, naked right, button left, and button right; combine them as suits your fancy.


The trick here is all magnets. It's a shame to reveal the magician's trick, but it is truly that simple. You can pop the sides off and click on another option with minimal effort. It's trivial. The mouse buttons just work when you connect them, and are just non-existent when you de-quip them.



In a way, playing with the different options is a bit of fun. Although I can't help the feeling I'm paying a bit for the parts I won't use.




Two magnets pull the two screws from either panel inward to the mouse. They seem to be neodymium with their size and strength. Nonetheless, it's enough to hold the side on while not being too terrible an effort to remove and change out. It's quite frankly impressive.

The end of the cable is USB! WOW! Right? Well, I've always liked the extra touch companies have given to the covering of the USB plug – ROCCAT adds a bit with ROCCAT KIRO stamped right in, and I only see it now and likely never again after it's plugged in. It's an appreciated feature for the small cost it probably adds.



So we knew early on from the box alone that the ROCCAT KIRO logo probably lit up in some color, the 16.8M color option is hard to ignore, after all. Here are a couple of the colors captured as it cycled through. You can set it to a specific color or let it cycle through all of them. Default is cycling, which I kinda like!


  1. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Closer Look: Continued
  3. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse Closer Look: The Software
  4. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. ROCCAT KIRO Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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