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ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard Review


ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard Software:

Let me preface this discussion on the ROCCAT Isku FX software with the note that I don't really like being required to install software just to manage my keyboard (in fact, I've never installed the software for my CM Storm Trigger). Granted, if you desire the usability of macro functions and other nifty goodies, this is a required evil. The ROCCAT Isku FX software really isn't too terrible with one huge caveat – every time you hit "Apply" or "OK", you'll be waiting 15 seconds or so until the software writes the changes to the keyboard firmware. This isn't too bad if you set it up once and never touch it again, but as I was playing with the various features on the Isku FX, I found myself getting more impatient each time I wanted to try something out.

The first three tabs in the Isku FX software suite are almost entirely dedicated to setting up various macros and the EASY-SHIFT[+] functionality that allows you to assign alternate actions to most of the keys in the WASD area to anything you can imagine. The third tab allows you to reassign the media keys, as well as all the function keys. This is particularly welcome since I have the habit of hitting F1 or something when trying to do a quick-save in many games, which leads to the rather annoying result of a Windows popup trying to "help" me with whatever it decided I was having trouble with at the time.










The last three tabs are somewhat less functional. The fourth tab includes all the lighting-related options, as well as the extremely useful controls to turn off the EXTREMELY annoying voice confirmations when changing profiles and recording macros. I'm not sure who ROCCAT got to record the various sound clips, but they're just as annoying as the ones included with ROCCAT mice. The fifth tab is for information purposes only and includes stats on key presses, WASD key presses, and apparently some kind of meta-game that rewards you trophies as you play. In 23000-some-odd keystrokes, I had yet to unlock any of the "hidden trophies" and I have to say I had zero motivation to do so. The last tab lists helpful information about the currently installed software and firmware, as well as links to the ROCCAT support forums and online support. All in all, not terrible software, but I would uninstall it after setting up my profiles.


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