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ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard Review

Price: $99.99

ROCCAT Isku FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard Introduction:

It's not often that I get the opportunity to review a gaming keyboard (or any keyboard for that matter), since my lovely wife (BluePanda) usually gets the honor of taking each one for a spin. To my surprise, a few weeks ago I got a box with my name on it from ROCCAT. Most people recognize the ROCCAT name for its line of high-end gaming peripherals, including mice, headsets, and mouse pads. I haven't had the pleasure of testing a ROCCAT gaming keyboard before, but I have high hopes given the pedigree that the ROCCAT brand possesses. I guess at this point I should mention that the keyboard I get to test is the ROCCAT Isku FX – a non-mechanical gaming keyboard with five macro keys, a full set of multimedia keys, full RGB backlighting, and the quiet solace that comes with non-clicky membrane keys.

I'm sure most of you know that there's been an invasion of mechanical keyboards into the gaming scene, all sporting fancy Cherry MX switches of various types. While I have to admit that I do really love mechanical keyboards (especially the Cherry MX Brown switches), there's still a market for membrane-style keyboards that lack the sometimes annoying noise associated with mechanical switches. Can the ROCCAT Isku FX step up and prove its worthiness in real gaming? Keep reading to find out!


Closer Look:

The ROCCAT Isku FX comes packaged quite nicely in mostly-black garb with fairly easy-to-read features and specifications laid out around the box. The front of the box proudly boasts about the full RGB lighting behind the keys, along with the EASY-SHIFT[+] functionality and live macro recording. Apparently the ROCCAT Isku FX is also "MMO Approved", although I'm not quite sure what that really means. Did someone round up the MMOs and ask them what they liked? Anyway, moving on to the back of the box you are assailed with a huge amount of text in various languages. One of the key features pointed out on the rear of the box is that the EASY-SHIFT[+] functionality integrates with other ROCCAT products (like mice) via the ROCCAT TALK functionality to let your mouse buttons double-up as keyboard macro keys and vice versa.









Slipping the Isku FX out of the box is quite painless and while there isn't a whole lot of padding here, your local delivery man or woman would still have to try quite adamantly to damage anything before you get to pop open the seal. Sliding the keyboard out of the static-free bag it's housed in reveals the Isku FX and the included instruction manual. No driver CD/DVD is included, but we live in an age where apparently everyone has 24/7 Internet with no interruptions. I disagree with that sentiment (my Internet is amazingly unreliable at times), but I can't really dock ROCCAT for not wasting the money on an almost assuredly out-of-date driver disc in the box.


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