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ROCCAT Hiro Mousepad Review


ROCCAT Hiro Conclusion:

To sum up the review for anyone who skipped to the end, let me give you the rundown on how I based my scores. Much like any other review, I split it into the three sections to determine the final score. First I looked at what the company is saying it offers. For example, the company states the mousepad supports a smooth surface and is water proof. In any example, I examine what is advertised versus what is actually offered. Most of this becomes uncovered as I take pictures to document the product. If the company does not stay true to its word then it loses points because no one ever wants to be sold on false advertisement. Next I look at what the product is marketed for and put it into perspective. An example of this could be using a cheap mouse and expecting the same high scores. This would contradict its target market and something I try to catch so it does not affect the score. The last bit is my own interjection. What could the mousepad offer in its price range, and what do other companies offer. This category may include larger or smaller pads, different colors, or support for higher DPI. This list is endless so let's move on to the conclusion.

The ROCCAT Hiro hits all the right marks giving it the best score on each chart. It offers high DPI support for that extra speed. The mousepad is very consistent and smooth even over the screen-printed logo. The back and front are bound together with a solid connection, where I could not find any edge that might become a problem over time. The most notable "Pro" is a spill-resistant coating. Other mousepads may offer this, but they haven't listed it as a feature. This is a feature I know I will be using and in all honesty, most likely before this review is published, I will have spilled some more onto it, but this time not on purpose. Lastly a non-slip backing is a given for any mousepad worthy of being considered a gaming mousepad.

The negatives are a very short list and completely my own bias. I think the mousepad is too big and for most of this review I used only a quarter of the pad. If ROCCAT could cut the pad in half, I do not think you would notice. The size also plays a role in price. For $50 you could buy a few average mousepads for your friends. By cutting the mousepad size in half, the company would save production cost and could pass this on to the consumer.

Let me end this with a few words. ROCCAT has made an amazing mouse pad, but at a high price (literally). If you are 100% serious about being an eSport gamer or hope for the extra edge, you cannot go wrong with this. It has a few standard features from the $25 range and a few more a pay grade above. The question ultimately remains, is $50 something you can afford to spend on a mousepad? I say yes and ROCCAT made good on all its listed promises. The company does offer a few mousepads at a lower price, but of course they're not going to have everything this one offers. This is marketed for the best and if you are using a $70-100 mouse, I cannot see why you do not want to use it to its full potential.



  • High DPI support
  • Smooth and consistent
  • Power bounded edges - no fraying
  • Thin
  • Non-slip backing
  • Spill resistant



  • Cost
  • Very large


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