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Risen 5-Years Later Review



Is Risen a game worth returning to after five years? In my opinion, yes. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an RPG experience, which, by the way, is open world, and willing to invest the time into completing it. The graphics are dated, but also do some things right that will never be old. The story grabbed me as a return on investing some time into the game. The gameplay was fun, but has some issues that mar the experience. Fortunately the bulk of the game consists of fun experiences.

While the negatives of the Risen experience do stand out to me, so too do the positives. Weighing them out, the positives are greater, so the experience, although imperfect, is still enjoyable and worth having. Just be ready to take the time to get stuff done, potentially with a lot of reloads.









  1. Risen Review - Introduction
  2. Risen Review - Graphics
  3. Risen Review - Story
  4. Risen Review - Gameplay
  5. Risen Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  6. Risen Review - Conclusion
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