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Risen 5-Years Later Review



Going in, I cannot say I had high expectations for the story, or any expectations for that matter. That is how I felt before I started playing and for the first hour or so, but that is largely because I knew very little about the franchise beforehand. Being shipwrecked on an island and not having a past is not particularly inspiring either, and is also not terribly original. As I played though, I did become quite interested in the story. I wanted to figure out what was going on, what different events meant, and what my role was in the game. Of course it turned out that I was to be the hero, but how I got there was interesting and I felt motivated to continue.

The story of Risen is that gods had ruled over humanity as masters do slaves, but now humanity has cast down the gods and subsequently risen. (See what they did there with the name?) As it turns out, the gods played a larger role than just controlling humanity, as ruins have begun to push up from underground and great storms have formed. The island you end up on is not affected by these storms for some reason, but do not worry, you will eventually find out why.









At the risk of spoiling the story, the gods had a role in keeping certain ancient powers in check. As you can expect, these powers are interested in destroying humanity and you are the hero to prevent that.

Due to the ruins popping up across the island, the Inquisition was formed to control the excavation of the ruins, and as an attempt to protect citizens from the monsters that have been released. Not everyone takes kindly to its methods though, which is why Don Esteban, leader of the bandits, has set up a camp at a ruined temple. There he hopes to find enough gold to be able to move against the Inquisition to reclaim and 'free' the people of Harbortown. You will have to pick which side to fight for, and at first, there is quite a bit of hard selling for the Don, but from what I can gather, the Inquisition and the Order of the Holy Flame do have some things going for them. Of course allegiances do not matter too much when you are approaching the end of the world.

As the story progresses, you will find yourself crossing the island multiple times, and talking with a lot of people. A lot of these people will also give you side quests to complete, and while some do not have any bearing on the story, others actually are necessary to advance. In what may be an attempt for realism, you do not necessarily know which are vital and which are not as you play. It is just best to do as much as you can.


One aspect of many of these side quests was… frustrating; I think that is the best word. Specifically some quests required doing or saying certain things that I did not want to, but had to because of the mission. I am a nice guy, so I do not like lying to people, even virtual ones that possess scripts instead of intellects. There was another issue I had with the quests, but I will cover that in the Gameplay section.

The story of Risen is really something I enjoyed experiencing. The only negative remarks I can make are exactly minor, which is what I always want to be the case.

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