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Risen 5-Years Later Review

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Released five years ago, Risen is an open-world adventure RPG spanning the island of Faranga. You come to the island as a survivor of a ship wreck, without any ties to any person or group. This comes into play before long as you will eventually have to choose a side in a fight between the 'free' bandits, led by Don Esteban, and the Inquisition, led by Inquisitor Mendoza of the Order of the Holy Flame. Eventually, your affiliations will come to mean less as the whole of the island and world is threatened.

Risen was given an M rating by the ESRB for blood, sexual themes, strong language, use of drugs, and, of course, violence. Although one or two of these descriptors can be avoided during a playthrough, it is still a well-deserved rating. If such content is inappropriate for you, then you should probably not be reading this review, as the media it contains has not been censored.

After five years, should we return to fight the evil that has arisen, or let humanity suffer its fate? Read on to find out.









  1. Risen Review - Introduction
  2. Risen Review - Graphics
  3. Risen Review - Story
  4. Risen Review - Gameplay
  5. Risen Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  6. Risen Review - Conclusion
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