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Risen 2: Dark Waters 2-Years Later Review



Should we raise anchor and return to Risen 2 or leave it to the mercy of the seas? My vote leans to leaving it alone. There are some good aspects to the gameplay, largely from the exploration and some interesting quests, but then there is the combat and how some of the quests are very unclear in what to do. In fact I have even failed quests expressly because I needed to do one thing that I never would have thought to do if I had not looked it up on the Internet. The story also failed to entertain me once I realized its low humor was continuous, and never really served as a driving force to complete the game. The strongest, general aspect of the game is the graphics, which I summed up as just decent in its section.

Now, I am not going to say Risen 2 is a bad game, because it is not quite to that level. It definitely has some bad elements, but just enough good to keep from tipping over. It is a game I fail to recommend with a leaning to recommend against. If you have it you can check it out, but do not be surprised if after an hour or two you decide to uninstall it and move on to something more enjoyable.









  1. Risen 2: Dark Waters Review - Introduction
  2. Risen 2 Review - Graphics
  3. Risen 2 Review - Story
  4. Risen 2 Review - Gameplay
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  6. Risen 2 Review - Conclusion
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