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Risen 2: Dark Waters 2-Years Later Review

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Released three years after the first game in the franchise, Risen 2: Dark Waters is a direct sequel that has you continue the story of the original playable character. Many other familiar characters also return and everyone has had a nice visual upgrade. Of course you will also encounter many new characters and places as you sail the seas as a pirate.

Like its predecessor, Risen 2 is an open-world adventure RPG, but has had a significant change in setting from a fantasy world to a pirate/naval world. You are still trying to save it all as you hunt for a means to destroy Mara, a Titan Lord set on enslaving humanity and destroying resistance.

Risen 2 has received an M rating for the ESRB for blood, strong language, use of alcohol, and violence. If such content is inappropriate for you, chances are this review is as well.

With two years passed, should we return to the sea again, or leave humanity to be swept out with the tide? Time to find out.








  1. Risen 2: Dark Waters Review - Introduction
  2. Risen 2 Review - Graphics
  3. Risen 2 Review - Story
  4. Risen 2 Review - Gameplay
  5. Risen 2 Review - Additional Gameplay Screenshots
  6. Risen 2 Review - Conclusion
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