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Rise of the Triad (2013) Review



After almost twenty years, does the Triad rise again? Not without stumbling more than is comfortable. The single-player gameplay is fun more often than not, but at times it becomes frustrating and almost punishing as a single challenge can set you back by minutes, with no alternative path to advance. The multiplayer is more consistently enjoyable, and once the map editor is patched in it should become even more fun.

To be fair to the developers, Rise of the Triad was built by a small team, spread out across the planet, and with no budget. Their passion for the original game is the only reason this new version exists. Of course that is no reason to forgive all the game's issues, but it does help put them in perspective, as well as how long it may be until patches are released to address some of the issues.

For its single-player, I am hesitant to recommend this game to anyone but original Rise of the Triad fans. Also the most dedicated gamers who will power through the unnecessarily difficult parts, such as the jump-pad platforming sections I mentioned earlier. As patches come to fix the games issues, my hesitation will vanish, but they are not here now, so I cannot comment on them.

The multiplayer I can recommend to anyone who enjoys crazy matches with missiles and fire everywhere. I found it to be very fun and I hope it thrives to see the map editor added, when it will be able to truly spread its wings.





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