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Rise of the Triad (2013) Review



With a name like Rise of the Triad you would expect the game to have a story, but just based on the original game, I am not sure if I could tell it to you. This time around though, you get an entire opening movie, animated with a comic-book style that explains who you are and what you are doing.

You are a member of HUNT (High-risk United Nations Task-force) and have been dispatched to an island off the coast of California to investigate the Triad cult. While scoping out the island, your boat is spotted and destroyed, forcing you to storm the enemy base.

There are five playable characters: Taradino, Lorelei, Ian, Thi, and Doug. Each character has a little bit of background you can read in game, and different speed and endurance stats.






For most of the gameplay, you do not really have to remember a story exists; you just have to shoot the people shooting at you (or shoot them first). Why is there a courtyard with a mystical bat hovering in the center? Who knows. The bat explodes enemies though, so grab it!


By the way, the game features Stream Trading cards for different characters, which do include some biographical information.

Rise of the Triad has a little more than a save-the-princess story with its character backgrounds, but your only motivation for shooting and exploding enemies is that they are enemies, and it can be fun to shoot and explode them.

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  2. Rise of the Triad: Graphics
  3. Rise of the Triad: Story
  4. Rise of the Triad: Gameplay
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  6. Rise of the Triad: Conclusion
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