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RIOTORO Prism CR1280 Review


RIOTORO Prism CR1280 Conclusion:

Starting a new company is no easy task, and releasing a series of new products in a market that is already flooded makes it that much more difficult. After all, there are a ton of case manufacturers out there, and for the most part, every niche is filled - or is it? The trick is to differentiate your cases from all the others. Piece of cake, right? Well, RIOTORO hits the scene with an impressive case. The Prism CR1280 Full Tower RGB has style, space and the extra kick of RGB lighting. So, with RIOTORO being a new company, should I be extra critical or give them a free pass? Well, maybe a little of both.

I'll start with what I like about the CR1280. The style - while it doesn't break the standard mold for tower cases, it does have a fresh, clean look, and the large side window does it for me. The layout of the top I/O panel is nice too, with adequate spacing of the USB ports (a typical peeve of mine), the separation of the start and reset buttons (another peeve), and the top-facing angle (no USB drives sticking out to get bent over when you walk by). And then there is the size - the CR1280 can handle an extended ATX (eATX) motherboard, supports liquid cooling and long GPUs, and it has decent hard drive capacity. Speaking of liquid cooling, you have mounting space for a top 360mm radiator, a front 240mm radiator, and a rear 120mm radiator. From a functionality perspective, the absence of optical drive bays really opens the case up. The CR1280 has great airflow and the ability to control the fan speed is a plus. Fan speed control is at the tip of your finger. Need some more cooling, or maybe you want a little more peace and quiet? Just push the button. The grommet size and locations are well planned and contribute greatly to the clean cable management.

Then there is the RGB factor. RIOTORO does a fine job of integrating the RGB feature into the case. The abilty to select the colors is really nice. Feeling red today? Feeling blue? Maybe you like to cycle through all the colors? No problem. This is a big plus for me, and I am a fan of LEDs, whether in the fan variety or otherwise! The only thing missing is the Disco Ball. Not in the mood for lights? Just turn them off. But when the lights are on, the large side window and the clear top cover really let the colors shine through.

Now for what I didn't like. The sticky side door is a bit of a pain, but like I said earlier, it will likely loosen up with some use. However, the normal variation of the plastic tab geometry (going into a metal slot) can result in some interference, and that can be tough to control. That being said, the solid metal panel on the other side works fine. Lastly, there is the cutout in the motherboard tray not quite lining up with the CPU cooler back plate. Not a huge deal; just a detail to consider during CPU cooler installtion. But I will say that the fit and finish, other than the side door issue, is great - the attention to detail is evident and the case feels solid.

Overall, the CR1280 is certainly an impressive case - especially for RIOTORO's first entry into the market. In fact, I found it to be worthy of the Editor's Choice Award. I am anxious to see what else the company has in the works. As for pricing, the MSRP for the CR1280 is $139.99 (on Amazon) and I think this is a fair price for what you get. Check out the RIOTORO CR1280 and see the "World's 1st Fully RGB CASE"!



  • RGB style case with selectable colors
  • Fan speed control (hi / low)
  • Large, clear side window
  • Great air flow
  • Designed for motherboard sizes of Mini ITX, micro ATX, ATX, eATX
  • Support for up to a 360mm top and 240mm front radiator
  • Great cable management and space
  • Tool-less drive bays
  • Support for long GPUs (over 400mm)
  • Easy filter cleaning



  • No optical drive bays (is this really a con?) 
  • Windowed side door is a bit stiff to remove (but may loosen over time?)
  • Opening in motherboard tray could be larger for cooler mounting access
  • (Disco Ball not included)


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