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RIOTORO Prism CR1280 Review


RIOTORO Prism CR1280 Closer Look Continued:

Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair - it is time for the fireworks. There are two circuit boards mounted to the back of the motherboard tray. The smaller one at the upper left controls the integrated case LEDs that light up the lower RIOTORO logo at the bottom of the front fascia (two LEDs) and the LEDs embedded in the case I/O panel (four LEDs). The larger board is the fan speed controller and on the rear of this board is an LED that is blue in high fan speed mode and red in low fan speed mode. Of course, this LED is not visible when the side panel in installed. It just seems to be a board / fan speed status LED. There are two fan headers that will allow you to control up to four fans, providing you use two fan splitters. The case comes with one splitter, so you will have to contact RIOTORO if you would like to use more than the two RGB fans that come with the case.


Let's go over the fan and LED functionality. First, the fans have two modes - fast and slow, and they operate independent of any RGB color selected. As for the RGB selection, you have a nice variety of colors. To turn the LEDs on, you hold the RGB button for about three seconds. Do this again and you can turn the LEDs off. This is an all-or-nothing button - all the LEDs are on or all the LEDs are off. When the LEDs are on, each time you push the button, you get a different color. It starts with red, then green, blue, white, yellow, pink (yes, pink), and one more push gets you a gradual fade in and out repeating a somewhat mesmerizing cycle of these colors and just about anything in between. Below are red and green.



Here is the front fascia removed again to point out the two lower LEDs and inside the frosted plastic module for the top case I/O are the other four LEDs. Lastly, here's a nice shot of all blue.



Some of the colors photograph better than others, and to really get the full effect, turn the room lights down. I can tell you that in person, all the colors look great. Here are a couple more in blue. The colors really come through the top of the case, and inside fans provide an even glow that casts a colorful twilight across your internal components.



And a couple more shots to show how things are all lit up inside the case. And like I said, the case really comes to life when you turn out the room lights.



While I had the front fascia off, I had it in pink mode (don't ask) and noticed how intense the color was and decided to get a shot. It turned out so nice - well, it was just too darn pretty not to share! You can really see the placement of the four LEDs in the top I/O module. So there you have it - the RIOTORO Prism CR1280 is an amazing case that provides a cool light show.




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