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RIOTORO CR1080 Review


RIOTORO CR1080 Conclusion:

Being the new kid on the block may cause some to lower their expectations, but RIOTORO first had a hit with the CR1280 and it does it again with the CR1080. I was quite surprised that a full-size ATX motherboard can fit in such a small, attractive case. This case has styling and function at a very reasonable price. The layout and use of space is well planned and executed. Cable management is really nice and allows for a clean, uncluttered build.

There really wan't much to dislike with the CR1080. It is small, but you certainly know that going into it. No surprise that you aren't going to fit a dozen hard drives and 4-Way SLI in there. I suppose only having one case fan might be a minor issue, until you consider that the case is set up for an addtional three 120mm fans if you choose to add them. And being a small case, the extra airflow would not hurt.

Overall, the CR1080 is certainly an impressive case. As for pricing, the MSRP for the CR1080 is $79.99 (on Amazon) and I think this is a fair price for what you get. Check out the RIOTORO CR1080 and see how big things can come in small packages.



  • Large, clear side window
  • Dual compartment design with good use of limited space
  • Great cable management
  • Direct airflow layout
  • Designed for motherboard sizes of mini-ITX, micro-ATX, and even full ATX
  • Support for a 120mm front radiator
  • Support for GPUs up to 300mm in length
  • Space for up to three additional fans



  • Only one included fan


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