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Reolink Argus Wireless Battery-Powered Security Camera Review


Reolink Argus Wireless Battery-Powered Security Camera Conclusion:

I spent a lot of time with the Argus, getting to know the capabilities as well as the limitations. It is a great little camera that fills a niche that powered cameras leave empty. But of course, being a battery-powered camera, you have to understand that you shouldn't use it like you would a powered camera, as you can go through batteries quickly. Let me explain. The Argus is designed to be used in an area that does not see a lot of traffic or activity. Anything that triggers the camera will use a little battery life. Any time you access it to reveiw recorded video, or just see what is happening, you use a little battery life. So you have to get into the habit of letting the camera do its thing and try to avoid the habit of checking it ten times a day. You may be tempted to see what the dog is doing, but Rover will be setting the camera off all day long as he frolics in the back yard. Use a powered camera for that - oh, let's say the RLC-411WS would be a good choice for that application. One thing that I think would be nice is if the Argus would have a side port to plug in a standard adapter so you would have an option between battery and adapter power. But that is just me being nitpicky.

Now if you have an area (with no access to power) that doesn't get much traffic, but you do need to see what is going on if there is any action, the Argus can help you out. I found that the Argus is great for solving the problem of who (or what) is snooping around the side of your house or behind the garage. The Argus is also great as a critter cam. Who has been raiding the garbage cans at night? How is that mouse getting in? Who keeps leaving the gate open? In just a few seconds, you can plop the Argus down with the magnetic base and you will know about anything that moves when you are not around.

With the Reolink app, setup is fast and easy. And as I mentioned in the RLC-411WS review, Reolink does a great job with keeping the app and firmware up to date. The Argus is a stand-alone camera, meaning that it needs no base station like other battery-powered cameras. Just put the batteries in, set it up in the app, and you are up and running. You do have to supply your own SD card, but they are very inexpensive and come in many capacities. Reolink recommends you start with an 8GB card, but I tried both a 4GB and an 8GB card and had no problems. You have the option to record sound with your video and even talk to someone through the camera, so it is safe to say that for a small camera, the Argus is packed with big features.

The Argus retails for $99, which is a very fair price for a camera that you can mount pretty much anywhere. Check out the full line of Reolink security cameras and NVR (Network Video Recorder) systems at the Reolink website.



  • Easy setup
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Software and firmware are kept up to date
  • Battery power allows for convenient camera location
  • Great 1080p picture quality
  • Video can be recorded with sound
  • Speaker allows you to talk through the camera
  • Loud motion triggered alarm (can be turned on or off)
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Night vision up to 33 feet
  • Ability to save photo and save video
  • Reasonable price



  • SD card is not included, but they are dirt cheap, so not much of a con
  • It would be nice to have the option to power the camera with an adapter


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