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Reolink Argus Wireless Battery-Powered Security Camera Review


Reolink Argus Wireless Battery-Powered Security Camera Closer Look: 

Reolink did a great job with the software interface, which can be downloaded to your PC, Mac, Apple, or Android phone. Keep in mind that the Argus will only work with the phone app, and this is done to preserve battery life.  As soon as you install the batteries, the camera starts talking and giving you the steps in order to get connected to your WiFi. In just a few minutes, you are able to connect to the camera, adjust the camera settings, and view the video on your smartphone. The hardest part will be finding the best place to mount the camera. I also highly recommend downloading and reading the Argus user manual from Reolink. It is well written and easy to follow.




Anything you need to set up or adjust can be found in the smartphone app. For example, you will want to set up the motion detection and sensitivity, as well as the schedule for when the motion detection is active. As far as signal strength goes, I tested the camera around my property and I was able to get a good signal as I walked around my yard, and this is going through the aluminum siding on my house. Your home construction and home network (Wi-Fi) capabilities will factor into the quality and strength of your signal. I am using a Linksys EA9500 router, which is a real beast, so my Wi-Fi signal is strong. The Argus also has an alarm that can be turned on or off from within the app. This alarm sounds a very loud warning when the camera is triggered.



Battery life and usage can be monitored from the app. This is good information and lets you know how many minutes the camera was active for each day. You can see that I spent some time getting it set up and finding the best place for it. The app will also let you know when the batteries are low.


Here are some comparison shots between day and night. The night vision is certainly good (33ft), but being a battery-powered camera, the night vision won't be as far as with a powered camera. The PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor reacts to heat, so the camera detects when people or animals move within the view of the camera. Then the motion is recorded to your SD card (not included) and you can view the video from the app. An 8 or 16GB SD card is recommended, but you can go up to a whopping 64GB. Once the SD card is full, it will loop back and record over old video. A big turn-off for me are fees for cloud storage and with the Argus, there are no monthly fees for cloud storage.



These shots are from outside and the night photo is helped out by my exterior flood lights. The 130° viewing angle allows for a good view of what is going on.



And one more shot outside. The Argus also allows you to capture video and images, so if you see something you want to save, just press the camera icon in the app and your image or video will be saved.

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